Office Floor Lamps for Your Home

Office Floor Lamps for Your Home

Office lighting: That’s why efficient work is (also) a question of light

I feel good about my work. No matter what the weather. Whether it’s scratching the 40 ° mark outside or making rain, ice and snow “out of doors” the most inhospitable place in the world: In the office, it fits (Air conditioning and heating is thanks). Well, at least, if that too lighting permitting. For those who work until the evening and in the dark, trying to decipher the filing documents in the folder, his eyes burn not only from tiredness. The lighting plays an important role in the efficient work, It relieves the strain on the eyes and makes everything easier.

This is so important that Office lighting standardized is. And even those who do not roll documents in the office in the large corporation or tap their fingers on the keyboard profit from the standards of office lighting: the Home Office, Or in every small workplace where you sit at home, tick off bills or just write a letter.

What requirements must the office lighting meet?

You are sitting in the home office? Then can You learn something from the office lighting. Have to But not you. That’s the big difference: At home you are largely free to choose your office lighting. In a company, however, you have to be specific standardize to judge. The lighting of offices is in the European standard DIN EN 12464-1 regulated. Additionally applies in Germany the ArbStättV (Workplace regulation) plus ASR A3.4, In some countries additional requirements apply.

Generally speaking, the lighting of computer workstations must be for everyone (Vision) tasks be suitable for this job. These include u. a. writing and reading on the screen as well as writing and reading texts at the desk. The lighting criteria must be determined according to the type of activity, the visual tasks and the room and the office lighting and office lamps must be selected afterwards.

What, you’re wondering why you need extra lighting to read and write text on the screen? Where does the screen itself shine? Answer: Because too much contrast between the bright screen and the dark room puts a strain on the eyes. As you can see, you can approach the lighting in such detail (or in the case of office lighting).

What makes a good office lighting?

Light on and finished is the office lighting? It would be nice! If you take a close look at the norms and see which ones quality features as such play a role, one notices how extensive a lighting can really be.

You are a private user? Well, then you can take whatever you want with you and let go whatever you want.

To the quality features of a good office lighting belongs u. a .:

    • illuminance
    • Luminance distribution
    • correct light color
    • very good color rendering
    • light direction
    • Avoid direct and reflex glare
    • Avoiding flicker
    • Avoid large variances of light in level and color

How many lumens are needed for the workplace lighting?

Office lamps, like any other lamp, emit a luminous flux that measures in lumens and indicates brightness. The standards for office lighting, however, see a calculation of the illuminance in front. This designates the light actually striking a surface. The illuminance is measured in lux (lx). An office workplace z. B. is considered adequately illuminated at 500 lx.

in the private area on the other hand you should (because you can not calculate Lux so easily) with the lumenValue, which you will find in the shop for every light source and every LED light (with permanently installed light source).

As a guide, you can z. B. in a good desk lamp on a luminous flux of about 500 lumens respect, think highly of. For larger luminous fluxes we recommend you to one integrated dimmer to pay attention (to recognize in the shop at the lines “dimmable” and “dimmer included”). Then you can adjust the brightness to your own feelings. As I said: this is not a norm for you You decide for yourself!

What are you waiting for? All possibilities are open to you!

Why are glare-free office lighting so important?

Dazzling office lights to disturb! For comparison, just think about it, you would want to relax in the living room on the couch and constantly look into the open bulb of a ceiling spotlights. Just as disturbing are glare in the office. Here one distinguishes physiological and psychological glare.

Physiological glare does that Lowering the visual function, It is caused for example by looking into the sun or headlights.

Psychological glare is a subjective stubbornness, Whether an office lamp or office light is perceived as dazzling depends on various factors. These factors are included in the assessment of glare according to the UGR procedure.