Origin of the Florentine wall lamps

The Florentine wall lamps, decorated with flower and leaf ornaments, are inspired by traditional Florentine handicrafts, in which the lily, which has been the symbol of the city of Florence since the Middle Ages, was symbolically depicted. The Florentine wall lamps of today still adorn flowers and leaves, there are a variety of variations and styles. The tradition of Florentine handicrafts remains intact for today’s wall sconces and they can be wonderfully integrated into any living space as a contemporary lighting object.

Florentine wall sconces as playful works of art

Florentine wall lights are not just for lighting, but are also an example of high-quality craftsmanship, which enriches every living space and offers an extraordinary eye-catching, especially beautiful by the connection to nature that evokes romantic associations. The variations of the wall lamps range from individual lamps in flower form to arrangements of several flowers decorated with leaves ornaments. The delicately crafted Florentine wall light is partially enhanced with gold and color accents. The elaborate and playful decoration makes the wall light look bright as a striking and stylish wall decoration.

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