Ideas, Outdoor Design Lights : Pictures

Ideas, Outdoor Design Lights : Pictures

Design lights for outside – fascination on the property

Before the design lights for outside to get a close look, it should be remembered that outdoor lights often serve to provide optimal lighting conditions, so that missteps and resulting accident hazards are reduced. Spotlights ensure a safe entrance to the garage, path lights provide a safe optical guidance through the property, without stumbling over unexpected steps or step into the flower bed, and wall lights provide the illumination of the facade and the entrance area – after all, you want that too Find keyhole. Of course, you also know the small decorative lights for the garden, such as glowing balls or solar lights in the shape of funny characters. The latter are already used to express a little bit of your personality on your property: if you like it romantically, then a warm glowing lamp with rattan frame will find itself with you; a friend of garden gnomes will place these lunatic fellows everywhere on his lawn. But of course the garden lighting and the illumination of the property can be more than just bright. However, as in the interior, where exquisite lights attract the attention of your visitors by their design, but also in the outdoor area with a the eyes catching light to be worked to Passersby and their guests simply impress, For what stands out more from the darkness of the night than the light? For a long time private and commercial users have the opportunity to upgrade their property by a pronounced exclusivity under the exterior lights: by a high quality design light for the outside.

What makes designer lights especially effective outside?

Everybody expects to see different light sources on the property and on the street at night: street lights, bollards, candelabras and wall sconces. In almost all these cases, the luminaire itself remains in the background, while the lighting – more precisely, the area that is within the light – is the actual value of these luminaires. This focus on high-quality and perhaps also staging light is not only legitimate, but also desirable, as it provides security and staging the garden. Many lamps of the brand, the own brand of, ensure, thanks to a simple but high-quality processed and robust frame and a concentration on an optimal light quality, that exactly this project can be realized. Keep in mind: A black, brown or other dark or plain color frame ensures that the lamp is not even visible in the dark, just the light of the lamp. So maximum concentration on the light is achieved. However, if you want to be noticed by the light itself, not only the lamps, that means: the bulbs, must be visible. Design lights are fully visible outside even at night – they bring the light into shape through their design and color, it becomes the Designing tool number 1, A bright area on a plot may interest the viewer in what is within that area. A brightly lit form, on the other hand, awakens that Interest in the form itself,

How does the design light stand out against the bright light of wall lights?

The sticking point of the design lamp for the outside is the completely luminous shape. But it must not be some form – it has to stand out and look special, which is not so easy, since it has to be equipped with enough lamps, as yet to be mentioned, for example LED lamps, to radiate completely and comprehensively on its own. Not an easy task! And that’s why well-known designers are racking their brains every day for prominent brands and manufacturers on how to realize the perfect designer luminaire on the outside. The names FLOS and Kundalini fall almost completely automatically, when the subject of design lights for the outside is cut, as it were for the design lamps in names like Ingo Maurer, de Majo, Kolarz or Tecnolumen. Nevertheless, exterior lights are clearly distinguishable from interior lights – even in the designer area. Because in the living room a lamp must not withstand the weather, as is the case with an outdoor lamp in the garden. Also, it does not have to be visible from the street, but only from the door to the respective room. Designer lamps for the interior are works of art that inspire through color, form and material. Even outdoors, designers can work with color, more precisely: colored light; the design must be the same clearly visible from a distance his. The shape must be clearly outlined so that it stands out against bright areas of light, such as those created by wall sconces. Only in this way does she attract attention to a passer-by as something special on the respective property or in the respective garden.

Which shapes can the design luminaires adopt on the outside?

Like a luminous obelisk, your design light rises outwards and can be seen from afar. “What is hidden behind this pillar of light?”, Ask the passers-by, who quite inevitably consider your property, Are you an entrepreneur and you want to increase your reputation, so you place close to such a designer light a little away a spotlight, which illuminates your company logo. The passersby will automatically remember your name – it will even to stay in good memory, as something special! Of course, this also applies to customers who bring you to the property, for business partners and passing cars of foreign people, who can become potential customers. However, prominent manufacturers of outdoor design lamps are always coming up with new shapes, because if all the shapes were the same, where would be the special feature? Abstract shapes mix with basic shapes like the cube or the sphere, which are emphasized by the size and color of the outdoor lamp. From a bush to rise colorful lampshades, a luminous table invites you to take a breather. As a homeowner, you will quickly find what suits your tastes best. Did not find the right one today? Then subscribe to our newsletter and be informed about new lamps and lights, trends and more conveniently in your e-mail inbox.

Are designer lights for the outside power guzzlers?

Designer lights for outside as well as inside often have the reputation of being big consumers of electricity. But as already mentioned, today’s luminaire designers must not only think of a creative design, but also this implement with the best possible technical means, Even the modern designer company, the big brands, is aware of the needs of the normal consumer: it is important to save electricity wherever possible. And precisely because exterior design lights are, of course, supposed to be visible throughout the night, it is important to work in a particularly energy-efficient way. The most popular key to save energy is the LED. Consume LED lights around 90% less energy when it would do a light with, for example, E27 light bulbs. This means a cost saving of about 90% for the lighting. LED lamps are also extremely durable; their life is 50 times that of a light bulb. Since designer lights are really only lit in the dark outside, this significantly increases the lifespan once again. However, the LED is also popular with designers because they combine two features: efficiency and compactness. While efficiency meets the consumer’s demands, compactness meets the designer’s requirement: to have a light source that makes every creative creation completely realizable. The designers achieve this in the outdoor area with the LED.