Outdoor rugs – cool carpets for the outdoor

For centuries, carpets in the house have been providing a softer and better heat-insulated floor, as well as decorative accents and a particularly comfortable room atmosphere. While a change in the color patterns used and in the materials of carpets can be observed in many homes and apartments, even a young development is attracting increasing attention: the so-called outdoor carpet. This is one of the trendy garden trends of the current summer season, but it ensures a contemporary completion of so many cool lounge furniture and garden seating on lawn, balcony and terrace.

Carpets as a functional and decorative furnishing accessory

Originally, carpets were laid in most rooms of a house for entirely practical reasons: Finally, one could sometimes afford the heating of the individual rooms only to a certain extent and had so with the textile floor coverings in other ways for the warmest possible feeling on the Soles of the feet. However, there are still enough functional and aesthetic reasons for adding carpets to existing parquet and laminate flooring. For some people, a hard and smooth floor made of wood or tiles feels naked, cold and uncomfortable. Modern furnishing styles often come with a rather sparse furniture, so sometimes acoustic conditions can arise as in a gym. Carpets not only caress the soles of the feet with their delicate, haptic texture, they also provide a mostly very pleasant, acoustic cushioning in the room. Last but not least, they can be very effective in their very own design in very different shapes and colors: Simple and monochromatic models with low carpet make a discreet base for wild and eye-catching designed furniture, conversely loosen up versions with colorful patterns very sober living solutions , Traditional carpets are generally suitable for indoor use only because of the materials they use, such as wool or cotton, because they absorb moisture outdoors and eventually fade or bleach out. However, there has recently been increased product development of outdoor models. Thus, the trendy trend of living is taken into account to make a terrace or a balcony with comfortable lounge furniture to a kind of outdoor living room for the summer season. Since it is still a rather unknown fashion trend to design weather-resistant carpets outdoors, the explosiveness of this revolutionary design idea is precisely in contrast to the traditional standards of garden design.

Open spaces in the outdoor area even more homely and decorative

There are many good reasons to opt for an outdoor rug on a patio or other open space in the garden. After all, there are sometimes factors that make this suboptimal solution for the garden or balcony design, especially in the typical tiled surface: a tiled terrace after rainfall can be so slippery that it is a source of danger to children and the elderly. In addition, an algae layer forms on shady layers on tiles, which can be removed only with the greatest amount of cleaning. That’s why an outdoor rug, like many other up-to-date garden trends, also offers a very pragmatic solution to a whole range of problems: The attractive outdoor rug covers unsightly stains on a tiled surface and virtually eliminates their need for cleaning. The durable outdoor carpets themselves can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner quickly from leaves and other dirt. Smaller models can sometimes even be washed in the washing machine and then look like new again. A garden carpet is usually made of plastic fibers that have a balancing effect on the temperature of the floor covering. Tile or stone floors during the midday hours in the summer sometimes glowing hot, a garden carpet can be entered at any time barefoot. In addition, the outdoor carpet in a cozy garden lounge also provides some protection against rising damp and cold, when it should be a little later on a balmy spring evening in a cozy atmosphere. After long rains, an outdoor rug usually dries by itself in the sun. In addition, one of the special features of this garden trend is that the outdoor rugs are UV-resistant and will retain their original colors for years to come.

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