Pendant lights with fabric shade

Pendant lights with fabric shade – This is how comfortable the light is

It is so right cozy do in your own four walls – oh, who does not want that. And how do you get this best? Of course, with the right one Facility, And here it plays lighting course also a central role. You can choose between floor, table and wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights and many, many more. One of the types of lights that is like no other for absolutely cozy homeliness paired with the best light is: the Pendant lamp with fabric shade,

What shape do pendant lights with fabric shade have?

Just the one you want. Because there are of course also the pendant lights with fabric screen many different models, Many many. And certainly also exactly the model you want. Lamp with hat as a lampshade complacent? Or rather with extravagant fanned fabric screen or like a floating UFO? Yes? Then you are exactly right with hanging lamps with fabric shade!

But: of course it is also less unusual or striking. But not less beautiful or boring. And with the classic under the fabric shade pendant lights! And that is hip, trendy, popular and trendy as ever. This refers to a suspension with bulbs. And around the bulb around a noble, cozy-looking textile lampshade. In oval or round, From the most diverse textiles and in the most diverse To dye, With big or smaller diameter, But always: totally comfortable and atmospheric. So you see, the choice is great, whether classic or modern. You only have to decide.

How big should my pendant lamp be?

Not too big and not too small – that’s clear. All well and good, but what exactly does that mean now, you may wonder. 50 or 60 cm in diameter – or even 100? Well, above the dining table, you should first make sure to leave about 80 – 100 cm between the lower edge of the lamp and the table top. This first time to mounting height, And to size the lamp: this should be about 30 cm smaller than the length of the table top his. Now you just have to spurt in the dining room and measure your table, then you have the perfect size or the perfect light. Nearly. Because at a round or square table Round lights are great and look really stylish.

At a rectangular table however, large, elongated pendant lights not only look great and imposing, but also provide perfect light for breakfast, dinner or homework. A little hintIf you actually have a long, rectangular table, but you do not want a single light, then hang up several small ones, Donate not only at least as perfect beautiful light, but also look really cool and trendy.

And what does it look like, if anything no table in the game is? How big should the pendant lamp with fabric screen then be – so hanging freely in the room? Then the diameter of the lamp should be about 1/12 of the room length measure up. And of course, once you’ve found the perfect luminaire, you should not hang it up so you run into it when you enter the hallway or living room. 210 cm between the floor and the lower edge of the lamp you should already note.

Which colors are required for pendant lamps with fabric shade?

Gray. beige. White. black or brown – and in all shades, So basically the very simple, short answer to this question. No bright pink, frog green or even delicate raspberry sherbet pink. Of course, you can also choose a yellow, green, blue, copper or silver fabric shade for your new textile hanging lamp. No question at all! But hip, trendy, popular are and stay To dye like gray, beige, white, black or even brown.

Does it sound a bit tireless? Sounds like that, but it is not – really! For one thing can do that Design of the light of course very different and also totally extravagant – no matter what color the fabric screen has. And secondly, such a textile pendant light in addition to beautiful light above all, just one thing: coziness, And that’s exactly what they can do perfectly! Such a pendant lamp with a beige fabric shade does not push itself into the foreground, but works only by its elegance. The light falls atmospheric, glare-free and bright through them. And in the rest of the furniture insert harmoniously? For such a light a light one.

Can you also dim pendant lights with fabric shade?

Of course you can. If you want it. And you just have to pay attention to a few things before you hit the “buy” button. Why, why and why a textile suspension lamp is now dimmable or not or what it still needs to be dimmable, can from Model to model different his. But do not worry: on the whole, the lights can be easily turned on different variations organize. And what are they, you may wonder now. It’s very simple – namely this:

Version 1: A pendant lamp with fabric shade and permanently installed LEDs

In that case it really depends on that respective product on, if you can dim it. Can you or can not you? You can easily find out in the product details, Is there a “Dimmable – Yes”, everything is great. In that case, there is really only one more suitable, external dimmer and you’re ready to go.

Variant 2: A pendant lamp with fabric shade and exchangeable bulbs

In order to be able to dim these lights, you definitely need a suitable, external Dimmer. That’s just how it is. And then? Yes, then you need a suitable one Lamp, And this is … LED, is it clear, right? Because in every pendant lamp with fabric shade, you can of course also screw in LED lamps. But here in the product details Please make sure that the selected LED lamp is really synonymous dimmable is. And then? Then you are done. You can zoom up and down as you like.

Variant 2b: A pendant lamp with fabric shade and interchangeable Smart Home bulbs So at first glance, this variant seems to be very similar to the previous one. Is actually like that. The difference: small but nice. Because now you screw into the light no longer any dimmable LED lamp one, but one intelligent,

And with this you can losdimmen, as much as possible. Or set light scenarios. Or simulate presence. Or, or, or. Simply via your mobile phone. But what you really need is a link between your cell phone, WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and bulbs. At Philips Hue z. B. is called this bridge, at Osram Smart + Gateway. But there are also smart bulbs that you can control without Wi-Fi or mobile phone. Here is the magic word: remote Control, For example, iDual.

Are pendant lights with fabric shade height adjustable?

Some already. And some not. It always depends on which one model You have lost your heart during your shopping trip. But if it is adjustable in height, that’s really great practically, Believe us. Because your pendant light is not set to a length in all eternity, but you can choose according to your mood high and of course pull down again – depending on the situation or the table height according to example.

The pulling up and pulling down, for example, over a drawbar done directly on the lamp or via a movable Luminaire arm with several joints,

To find out now, whether this or that lamp is now height adjustable or not, you just need to look in the product details. If there is a “yes” in “Is height adjustable”, you can go away with a clear conscience. Even easier complacent? Of course, no problem. Simply select your height-adjustable textile suspension lamp here.

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