Plant trends for Inside – indoor plants ideas

Plants in the home are always a great idea. They clean the air, serve as a decoration item and bring a bit of nature into your home. Especially in the cooler seasons, bold colors can stimulate of flowering plants and the lush Green of its leaves the mind. Therefore, this Indoor is missing-plant trends in any apartment.

1. Hanging gardens in the living room and kitchen

The living room of the Seventies and eighties were full of them: flower lights. To whom the memory of the hanging baskets in grey-brown is driving the showers over the back, don’t worry at this point: The modern hanging gardens to have much more creative leeway. This also applies to the colors.

Wall decoration: If plants grow on the wall

Wall shelves, on which houseplants attractively draped, are one of the easiest ways the place on the walls in the living room, bathroom and bedroom to use and plants to decorate. Who wants to go a step further, you can also transform square wall cube or put boxes and picture frames in the planted wall decoration. This works with succulents is very good. The advantage is that You can make with plants, wall paintings in all sizes and shapes.

A different way to make hanging baskets on the walls, Planters to fix to the wall. This pattern may arise, even and symmetrical rows and columns, and the snake-shaped Structure over the entire width of the Wall. Then all sorts of rooms can find plants place and instead of the style of life and movement, lots of photos, is the wall decoration with alive and dynamic. This is for the room climate One A and you can watch the plants Grow and take turns to Bloom.

Wonderfully simple and stylish look of the air plants on the walls . Here, you can put the air plants on the wall are also super great in the scene: Simply, the body behind the Plant stress in a bright color, such as dark Purple or Sunny Orange. Then the air plant in a suitable holder before attaching, finished. This also works with painted boards, if you want to avoid, the air plant directly mount on the wall or to paint the wall.

Ceiling decorations: hanging baskets, an old Trend revisited

Actually, the ceiling decoration of plants is not a new Trend, and he therefore, coming but in a new guise. Instead of biedern yarn that was made in the Form of macrame flower baskets, flowers baskets knotted today on crochet, and in the brightest of colours. The flowers provide traffic lights for instance, also an excellent eye-catching and contrast with the home furnishings. Who, for example, a bright living room, can make his flowers, traffic lights, Ferrari red yarn and black or white flower pots.

Who is a hallway in Mediterranean colours, with hanging baskets for flowers in lemon yellow, Purple or turquoise beautiful points of Contrast against a blue Background. And who doesn’t want to get hands-on flower light holder, you can also find plenty of flower pots for hanging to Buy. These are now available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Important traffic light at a beautiful flower, the individual pots are installed in different height. The effect is more sophisticated than a completely smooth surface made of flower pots.

Also good to make a hanging herb gardens in the kitchen. To do this, just the idea of the flowers, the traffic light, take up, go a step further. Then were drilled from the boards, in the big omissions for the herb pots, vibrating herb garden cradle above the work surface. This looks fancier than all the rows of herbs on the window sill side by side, creating more shelf space and allows the herbs to distribute their flavor better.

The hanging gardens from hanging baskets also work great in combination with the next Trend. Just instead of a Planter, a seed ball of glass, and instead of earth, water, use. More on this in the next section.

2. Hydroponics – cool elegance to tables, Sideboards and shelves

A very special Trend for all, where clear shapes and sleek Design are better, the hydroponics. Here, plants are animated without earth to Grow. Instead, it provides you easy in vases and renewed on a regular basis the water. As an offshoot to beat the best roots and herbs stay fresh longer and yield. Best trend mineral water or tap water is suitable for these Plants with some liquid fertilizer.

Because the plants can draw in this type of cultivation not minerals and nutrients from the earth, you need to be on the water-nourished. Particularly elegant looks to this natural spectacle for Inside transparent vases . The root formation of the plant is then top-notch watch. And because no dirt particles muddy the water, the root image, with its delicate tendrils is particularly precious.

If the plant has at some point formed too many roots and for the apartment to be large and for the vases to unsightly, can give you either or in earth repotting. The Great thing about this Indoor plant trend is that you can get so that even plants from the Outside to Multiply in the apartment. For So long, until you have sufficiently formed roots in the vases, turn off and then on again in the garden.

This is not hydroponics only super decorative and one of the most effortless and clean most plants, trends for the Inside. And lasting he is on top of that. A great Interaction there is, if one mounts such a transparent round vase in hanging baskets. Whether as a wall decoration, or from the ceiling dangling, the elegance of nature that unfolds through hydroponics in the apartment, works in any Position.

3. Indoor gardens for herbs and vegetables throughout the year

A plant trend for your home, even IKEA has taken up: greenhouses for the window sill, the kitchen and the living room. In order for herbs, flowers and even vegetables the whole year through in the apartment to grow. This makes Indoor gardens is the perfect solution for all the plant lovers in your city apartment without a terrace or balcony have to manage.

Some of these Indoor Growhouses are even Bluetooth compatible, which makes the Smartphone can be controlled. Simply enter the appropriate settings and Indoor gardens almost automated. With water tanks and lighting times such Indoor Gardens provide the planted vegetables and flowers at any time, with the right amount of water and light. Especially cool: There are Indoor gardens in all sorts of colors, sizes and Designs.

Thus, you can about the herb garden as a Cabinet in the kitchenette. The salads vertically on the wall to breed, and at the same time a decorative eye-catcher. Whether they are round and in bright colors, sober Scandinavian in to a Minimum reduced Design, or as a vertical garden with the side-effect of the indirect lighting – Indoor-garden shed is the perfect solution in apartments without a garden, and a balcony.

The cultivated vegetables and herbs are guaranteed organic. The harvest comes without transport routes and thus contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Pests in the indoor-bred plants also have no Chance. Thus, crop plants in the Indoor gardens is a beautiful, decorative image. And anyone who wants to can gardens in the Indoor of course, just beautiful indoor plants breed and grow.

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