Rattan Garden Furniture Set

A Rattan garden furniture Set is a real must-have in the garden. The sales figures and on the many terraces you can see such sets.

To inform you fully about this furniture, we would like to introduce to you, first of all, what makes Rattan.

Rattan or polyrattan?

One reads in many brochures and on the websites of some of the “Rattan garden furniture”, but you have to be careful of what Material it is really. Often don’t distinguish well enough between Rattan and poly rattan.

In the case of Rattan is a natural fiber. It is made from the Rattan palm. The fibers are dried, and then under moist heat or steam is elastic. So can Rattan in any Form presses. Various Braiding designs have different furniture pieces. However, you must make sure that the Rattan does not tolerate moisture. It can even if it is constantly wet will rot or at least discolor. By very many air pockets in the rods of Rattan is also a very light material, making it perfect for furniture making. You can move the made of very light furniture very easy or change. Since Rattan is a natural product, it also caters perfectly to create a symbiotic connection between nature and the living space.

Poly rattan is a synthetic Alternative to Rattan. This plastic fiber is extremely weather-resistant, can withstand moisture and for Outdoor use developed. Poly rattan is also very easy to clean and is very light. In modern garden furniture, there is usually a connection with aluminum. Modern braided pattern and light grey colors make this resource very popular.

So you should look for when buying, be absolutely sure whether it is a Rattan garden furniture Set or a rattan garden furniture Set. The material properties are completely different. What kind of Material appeals to you more, you need to decide for themselves. But we hope that we can help you with this comparison.

Now we want to provide you with a few tips for buying Rattan or polyrattan garden furniture :

  1. Consider first where you want to Set up. The place should be nice, quiet and cozy. You should stop so just happy to be there.
  2. Second, you should measure the space exactly. So you know how much space you at all. On sloping places you should make a note of in addition to the length and depth of the height.
  3. Now, you should consider how many people are permanently found on the clothing space. Of course, this also depends on the available space.
  4. Now you can think about the choice of material. In our opinion, a poly rattan/Alu is the combination.
  5. Now compare the prices both on the Internet and in furniture stores in your area and buy where it is cheapest. It is also possible shipping costs, but always to keep in mind. This can quickly lead to another offer is cheaper.

If you follow these 5 points, you will find very easy and quickly with a matching garden furniture Set.

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