Recessed floor lights outside

Recessed floor lights for the outside – Or the question: what is shining there?

She does not like to be in the limelight, that’s for sure. discreet restraint and the harmonic insertion into a large whole, on the other hand, is completely her thing. But even if she likes to hold herself back, the others let her for it all the better and shine bigger – in her light. What may sound like the description of a big, well-known personality, has taken rather a small lamp as a model, which even discreetly withdraws and yet great lighting effects can cause. The speech is from: the Ground luminaire. For your garden!

How are recessed floor luminaires installed?

Here you should definitely the electrician Consult your trust – saves you a lot of work and nerves. For today here, tomorrow and tomorrow morning times placed somewhere else – who wants the lighting technology, should be on Light to go or at least practical solar lights put with ground spike. But with recessed floor lights? These are really many – but not exactly known for their local flexibility. Here you should already be sure that the lights should really stay longer in place – go but a very close and not so easy to solve Connection with the underground on.

This can, especially in the outdoor area, are very versatile. You often find them in (Wood) terraces, in the Plaster, in Flowerbeds, gravel or also in the Race. But no matter what the background: Each of the lights must be professionally installed. There are walk-in (walk-in) and passable (roll-over) versions. These can be used selectively depending on the application.

Are there any recessed floor lights with LED?

Inside and outside, LED lighting technology is celebrating its triumphant advance. Rightly so! And ground recessed lights are no exception. In principle, you can still join in between recessed floor lights halogen and LED decide. With halogen it is mostly GU10 lamps, you have to put in the shopping cart. But seriously, are you still thinking? Whether you rely on outdated technology? Or rather on modern, the purse and the environment gentle? No, not really, right? Another advantage of LED: Often they are already with the Luminaire permanently installed. So you have to spend years beautiful light without having to lose even the smallest thought of how to get out of the lamp now in the light and can exchange for heaven’s sake. So: Actually, there is nothing left to think about.

What shape do recessed ground luminaires have?

round or square – so basically the simple and simple answer. But: in different variations. With larger or smaller Diameter, times square or sometimes rectangular. But what does that mean round or square here, you may wonder now. You have to take a closer look at a recessed floor light.

Because recessed floor lights are lights, which after installation inseparable from the architecture of the garden, the driveway or the garden path. The lower part of the recessed floor light – which is also mostly round or square – is depending on the depth in the Ground recessed. The upper end of the outdoor lamp, which is usually a Covering frame made of stainless steel has, except for a few millimeters flush with the ground. Risk of collision? No problem with ground recessed spotlights! The design is named Finished in stainless steel – You may suspect it – round or angular. Which of the two variants finally end up in your garden is, of course, entirely up to your taste.

Is it possible to stage garden & grounds with recessed ground lights?

No matter whether your recessed floor luminaire is round or square: the Light itself occurs v.a. in the dark in the background, while their light shines brighter. And that’s exactly what it should be. Because it is their job. The only decisive factor is the purpose for which the recessed lamp is used – because it can both practically, but also staging his.

Practically, e.g. the driveway or the steps to the door are illuminated. You can actually stage everything on the property. Because every property has special nice corners. Be it in the garden, directly at the house or maybe the garden paths. But when it gets dark, they just disappear rather than being nicely staged.

A recessed floor light, which often comes along in a set with several of its kind, provides a light whose source just moves into the background. But what she illuminates is in focus and becomes visible in the dark. It creates an exciting Game of light and shadow. Popular locations for ground recessed spotlights are therefore beds, e.g. to the facade lighting, the Terrace, garden paths or even the garden even to make trees and shrubs cool.

Are recessed floor lights for the outside passable?

Stainless steel. This is the preferred material when it comes to making a strong recessed floor light for garden & co. And that has its reason. Because luminaires of this type can be easily installed in core drillings or floor cutouts in top floors. And also with yours vehicle With air-filled tires you are welcome about it roll. Depending on required installation situation However, there are also recessed ground luminaires, which are installed by means of installation housing or simply “floating”, e.g. in gravel, lawns, flower beds or in paved areas. These also allow you to drive your vehicle with air-filled tires.

But whether this is a huge tractor or just a small moped then makes a decisive Difference. Because on the maximum load and also the traversable speed be careful when selecting the luminaire. You want to know now whether you are allowed to go with your new, red racer over the new lamp? No problem. You will receive information about this either directly with the product or at one of our competent consultant below contact information.

Are in-ground luminaires waterproof on the outside?

Yes, recessed floor lights in garden & Co. have it not easy. If they are not happy about being installed in a dry and covered area, they will get it from all sides in case of doubt. Earth, dust, insects, sun, heat, snow and ice. And of course rain. Therefore, these lights should always have increased IP protection. IP65, 67 or IP68, so dustproof and protected against water jets or temporary or continuous submersion, is therefore not a rarity in these lights, but actually rather standard. That is why it is just when buying recessed floor lights for outside: First the location and the effects of weather check in the area, then the corresponding one protection select for the lamp and then it can start right.

In addition to the sufficient degree of IP protection, you should pay attention when installing your ground recessed luminaires high quality underground cables to use. Otherwise, water can still penetrate the luminaire after a short time. And then you have nothing of her. But also on one effective drainage and a suitable gravel bed for drainage you should pay attention.

Are there any recessed floor lights for outdoor use with solar technology?

Lights that you let into the ground should work with solar? Which may sound contradictory at first glance, is working but impeccable and is often used in the private sector. Because only a part of the lamp is of course used in the ground and is surrounded by it. There, where the bulb sits and the light comes out, sit the solar cells and from there absorb the rays of the sun.

Entscheidendster advantage solar technology: You do not have to dig up the whole garden and lay cables. And if there are no cables to the power grid, there is synonymous no extra costs on the electricity bill, which has to be paid. A built-in twilight sensor controls the light as if by magic. The lighting duration is dependent on battery pack or from the sun, which charges the solar cells. And here is also the crux: namely, is the battery is empty or just not loaded properly, because, for example, Bello has pushed dirt while playing in the garden, of course limits the duration of the light of course. In the worst case, then the light can be dark even once.

Are there any recessed floor lights with motion detectors?

… which is already firmly installed in the luminaire? No. Usually not. But do not worry, there is an alternative here as well. Because in general, all recessed floor lights can also be easily over one external motion detector – on the wall, for example – switch. clear Advantage: The lights go on by themselves, if someone is the detection range approaches.

A second alternative complacent? Yes? How about then, for example with a recessed floor light with twilight sensor? Not quite as flexible adjustable as a motion detector, but not less practical. Is that lying brightness in garden & Co. namely under the set value, the light goes automatically. If it gets light again, it goes too, of course automatically turn off again. Whether the luminaire you selected also has such a sensor, you will find out very simply in the item description.

Are in-ground luminaires for the outside also dimmable?

Yes, depending on the luminaire, you can also dim your in-ground luminaire on the terrace or in the yard. Whether the lamp you already have in mind can also be dimmed, you can easily see in the Product details. There must be the line “Dimmable – Yes”, then it can be dimmed. Nearly. Because what you need in any case in addition to your dimmable recessed ground light, is the appropriate, external dimmer.

Are there any recessed floor lights for outdoor use with a low installation depth?

Yes, there are also such. Mostly, these lights are mostly too decorative purposes installed. That means, you can not walk around on it and certainly not drive around on it. It’s primarily about Accent lighting, who let the garden shed, the house facade, garden shrubs – or whatever you want to show – shine. The installation depth can be found in the product details.

But should it go beyond purely decorative light, so you completely other requirements put on your ground light, then the housing is usually accordingly greater and also stable. In both cases, however, is always on the correct installation to pay attention. The electrician you trust is always a good choice.

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