Rustic hanging lamps  Ideas That Will Inspire You

Rustic hanging lamps – a highlight for a modern country house

Creaking floorboards, a lot Wood, massive metal elements and white ceramic details, Who does not think in this description of the rustic Country-style – or more modern: lovely cottage style, Of course, the right lighting should not be missing. And what is better for the modern country house than one rustic pendant light? Guaranteed every living room!

What distinguishes the country house style?

Wood, wood and again Wood, That should not be missing in the case of the country house. But also massive metal elements. opulent glass accents and fine ceramic details should not be missed in this rustic style.

Are there any height-adjustable country house suspended lamps?

Imagine a rustic pendant light above yours massive dining table made of wood. A dream, right? You can increase that. Simply choose a model that can be adjusted in height – so you are completely flexible depending on the activity. On the Filter “is height adjustable – yes” you can see directly all the models that fulfill this.

How tall are pendant lights above the table?

If you hang your rustic country house pendant light too low, that can be disturbing. If you no longer have your opponent in full view or almost hit your head while sitting down. Therefore it is important to note: Mount the pendant light best approximately 80-100 inches above the table, This guideline also makes sense as a starting point for a height-adjustable luminaire – it can then be adapted at any time if necessary.

Are there also suitable country house pendant lights for the kitchen?

Think of a large eat-in kitchen, as befits the country house. Then you will surely see one in your mind’s eye massive dining table, And this one is screaming for a country house pendant lamp, clear case. But also for smaller kitchens without dining table make hanging lamps à la country house sense. For example over the kitchen counter or just in the middle free in the room hanging.

Which materials are typical for country-style pendant lamps?

Wood, copper, brass, iron … But also Ceramic and glass come to mind when you think of the country style. Which materials prevail in hanging lamps in this style, learn by using the practical Shop filters apply. Easy “Material” select and tick where your personal taste will lead you.

Are LED retrofits suitable for rounding out the country house look?

So a massive and rustic hanging lamp in country style you can get really perfect with a good old lightbulb imagine. Nice retro – then everything fits. But you do not have to do without the modern LED technology with its outstanding advantages. Because for all ordinary, old proven ones versions there are also modern LED bulbs in incandescent look with matching base, So-called retrofit bulbs.

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