Simple furniture hacks for individual
  side tables – custom end table

Simple furniture hacks for individual side tables – custom end table

A side table is made of so many home corridor or living room is no longer indispensable. It should be as a storage area, as a plant pillar or as a coffee table set. Depending on the desire and need for a side table can be used for many functions. And, depending on the style of furnishing you can choose from a seemingly endless fount of different side tables. The more valuable the furniture is, the more delicate the Design, the individual. It doesn’t have to be necessarily always the design piece of furniture. You can also make very simple side tables from the furniture store is truly unique. A few utensils and a little creativity.

A custom side table made of natural material

A chic little side table that is receiving thanks to natural materials such as coir twine or jute rope on a whole new personality. All you need is:

  • A convenient side table, like this
  • A hot glue gun, about this
  • Jute rope, best 10 mm thick – the thicker, the faster the work, the thinner, the more delicate the DIY Design; alternatively, you can use colorful yarn or with multiple colors to work.

And you are ready to go’. Depending on the end table, it is recommended that the table first, to assemble. So you don’t run the risk of tape over the holes. This could be after the redesign of the mounting of the end table is necessary.

In the proposed model, this risk does not exist. It is enough, the screws and dowels before the Remodel. The table can later be easily screwed together.

Who wants to make the effort, it can abrade the paint on the end table before with emery paper. But it is not absolutely necessary, so that the jute rope remains on the surface of the material.

The easiest way to the decoration of the table legs. To do this, simply at one end of the table legs with the glue gun glue application. Then the first rows of jute rope to attach. The rope approach is best with a good DAB of hot glue to secure.

After that, the jute rope row to each leg of the table wrap. As soon as the end of the adhesive track is reached, the new glue and continue to wrap. Make sure that the jute cord is applied nice and tight and firmly seated, so that the furniture will dissolve sooner or later.

The table top is a little trickier. Here, you best start first with the edge of the table top. At the upper edge as had the cord approach is a good fix, then the table pressing plate along the hot glue to attach the cord.

Once the top row is finished, rotate the table top 90°C and the first row on the next side of the table top continued. So it goes around the table. Especially at the corners should be generously applied glue.

The surface of the table plate is the last step. Who wants to risk a extravagant Design that can easily follow the shape of the table top. In the center of the resulting square spiral, the end of the rope again with a large dollop of glue concerns.

Later, a Mediterranean-inspired furniture piece is constructed from the newly designed side table created. Perfect for the porch, the Conservatory or the living room!

Foil and paint for a new Look

With varnishes, foils and decoration can occur stones from every individual furniture simple coffee table piece. Basically, everything can, nothing must-see:

  • A side table with DIY Potential
  • Self-adhesive decorative film in an attractive Design
  • Spray paint in a color that picked up in the film is for the primer
  • Fixing spray for better and longer colour fastness

Before the table can be sprayed with the varnish, should you consider the surface coating. In the here presented model is a melamine resin surface. This should be before Repainting roughening. Either by means of the grinding machine or a Anlaugemittel, which makes the surface paint is porous. As a result, the paint holds better.

The side parts and bottoms are then ready to be worked, if the Anlaugemittel is gone and the sanding dust meticulously removed. Then go to the Spraying of the parts of the coffee table. But the best out there.

Who has not enough space, the furniture parts to spray in the apartment. But then floors and surrounding furniture, please cover it. The varnish evenly in constant orbits apply. The sprayed areas, always let it dry before you turn around.

The coating may be applied in two layers. Then a generous layer of fixative spray. Now the decorative foil cut with a Cutter to measure and the shelves and the cover plate of the coffee table glued. Here, make sure that no air bubbles form.

The parts with dowels and screws to assemble and is finished in the exotic custom side table for the living room. If you like, you can pull the decorative film to the front edge of the shelves and / or decorative stone gluing.

So easy it can be to possess a unique side table, even if he comes from the mass production of a furniture store chain.