Smart Christmas lighting ideas– 3 tips to save power

Outside, it is uncomfortable, dark and cold. On the inside is to be created, therefore, especially at Christmas a lot of light, warmth and coziness. Hardly a German household waived around Christmas light strings, light star and co. This increases the total German power consumption in the time around the holidays around the annual consumption of a medium-sized city. This is not exactly ideal. Neither the LCA nor for the household budget. However, there are a few helpful tips in order to save power. And, without sacrificing a glamorous, romantic Christmas lights.

Elegant, cozy, and Top-energy balance: candles

What makes a Christmas lighting with candles so special is that the there are candles in different shape and color. You can be slim and long, which gives an elegant impression. Or they can be small and stumpig, which fits very well to a rustic Christmas decoration. Here and there can be flavoured scented candles complement the Ensemble is consistent and for even more Christmas charm.

The power to reduce the expenditure at the Christmas lights, and so on real candles on the advent wreath, Christmas tree and the window sills. It is only important that you should pay attention to keep any children and Pets in the house. Because candles can be straight trees in contact with dry needle and branches quickly become dangerous. However, they radiate in a particularly pleasant, Golden light and give comfortable warmth.

Power-saving hero: LED light chains

With LEDs, the electricity consumption in the household by up to 90% lower. It’s coming up to Christmas of course. That is to say, old strings of lights for the window and the Christmas tree should be replaced with modern LED-light chains. There are also other, lit Christmas decorations, with LED-technology. Also, Christmas tree balls, it is now available as a LED version.

The advantage of LED lighting is its warm, even light. The balls and stars do not heat up. This also makes the contact of the light chains and light stars with dry pine needles absolutely harmless. So also artificial candles with LED technology can create a wonderful Christmas light on the Christmas tree. Extra highlight: Many LED light strings, lights, balls and stars are also wireless available.

Smart Devices: Lower cost of electricity at Christmas

In conjunction with LEDs are particularly efficient: The use of Smart Devices. So the active periods of outdoor lighting and Indoor decoration can be automated either fully or via a Smartphone from the office and from the supermarket checkout to be controlled. The Christmas lights will consume only at certain times, electricity. About 6 to 7 o’clock in the morning, when the winter world is still in the dim slumber and just in time for the sunset.

Smart-Home-Devices for the control of the local Christmas lighting can also have a second advantage in addition to the save electricity: By in the dark, lit Windows, roofs, balconies and front yards can also during the classical break-wedding presence can be simulated. A smart Christmas lights not only means more comfort, lower electricity costs, but also for more protection in the dark time of the year.

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