So a real the Home Office is out of the office

There are people, the apartment has an office, because an unused space and you don’t know what to do with it. In such a home office Computer, printer, and personal documents are stored in a not infrequently improvised workplace, rather than used. In addition, find in these rooms then the last of the moving boxes square, which usually consist of rather unimportant things or things that you don’t need immediately. Here and there, such rooms also serve as a walk-in wardrobe or to hang up the Laundry, when no dryer is present. Or will you be chamber with more storage than the office.

However, in an increasingly changing world of work, a home office is quite practical. Many employees now have the opportunity to work at least one or two days of the week from your home. Who works independently, requires the office of equal urgency. Because of the cozy Couch or at the kitchen table, always in reach of the coffee machine – sounds only at the beginning of sexy. A proper Home Office is, however, representative Abel and allows the home to Work, work and private life separated. There is a separate corner in the living room can’t really keep up.

The most important elements in a Home Office Desk and a comfortable office chair. In the ideal case, the office furniture is ergonomic, so that the back is protected and the home work will not be the case for Health. Practical and nice to look at the workplace in addition with an individual Desk. Color, organization, and furniture protection bring it to the office.

As a Home Office should be selected on a pass-through room. On the one hand, it is the concentration is not conducive, if andre family members room must constantly go through the work. On the other hand, is not so good, the day really complete, if you are running after work, even several times a day through the office.

The right light is indispensable in the office. Bulbs, the warm light, are homey and cozy. For focused Work but, they are rather unsuitable, as to duration make you tired. Therefore, at least a Desk lamp, the white light goes out. It is even better to choose for the ceiling lighting is also bright and white light. Possibly with a Dimmer, the light phase of the way to promote.

Decoration on the walls, on the shelves and the Desk should be used sparingly. Too much BRIC-a-brac distracts from the actual task. Sterile and impersonal, does not have to be the work room yet. A photo of Love or a Poster with a motivating motto, and always a couple of fresh flowers and indoor plants provide an atmosphere in which you like works.

Those who receive clients in your Home Office, you should set up a small Seating area to give guests a comfortable Meeting. A side table for a glass of water or a Cup of coffee include a very clear.

A rack for important folders, documents, and documents may be missing in the home office just like a private telephone connection. Also this is to can after work, really off. In the evening the ringer off and the answering machine is switched on, light off and door and work be work.

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