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Sofa beds are a combination of a normal couch and a bed. Thus, the customer gets two pieces of furniture for the price in one. Before a sofa bed is bought, some points should be noted. For example, the available models are equipped with different pull-out mechanisms. Anyone who is not sure which variant is the most suitable in his case, should ask a specialist seller for advice. Sofa beds are available as corner sofas & corner sofas, 2 & 3 seater sofas and big sofas. As a result, every customer will surely find the perfect model. Unlike, for example, residential landscapes, sofa beds occupy significantly less space and can therefore be installed in smaller rooms.

What should be considered in the different pull-out mechanisms in sofa beds?

A sofa bed should convert to a bed within seconds. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the existing extraction mechanism in the purchase. The unfolding or refolding process must not be too time-consuming and done within a few seconds. This is especially important when the couch is mainly used by guests. Because if they want to decide themselves when they go to bed, they should of course have as little work as possible during the conversion.

Which covers are suitable for sofa beds?

Another point to consider when buying a sofa bed is the cover. Even if animals or children live in the household, it should be easy to clean. For this, microfiber is the perfect material. Because it is dirt-repellent, very robust and does not absorb moisture. But if the couch gets dirty, it can be cleaned relatively easily. Leather and artificial leather are also commonly used as reference material for sofa beds. Because these fabrics give the couch a natural look and are very durable. However, leather as well as artificial leather must be properly maintained so that they look beautiful for as long as possible.