Spooky decorating ideas for Halloween

Halloween is Walpurgis night, one of the most traditional festivals of the Celts, so the legend says. Celebrated Halloween (All Hallows Eve; the night before all saints day) in the modern era, especially in the Catholic part of Ireland. There were then on the 31. October faces in turnips carved and candle-lit. Around the house set up, you should protect from the evil spirit of Jack Oldfield who had cheated according to the legend, the devil, and now the eternal walk in the dark was doomed.

As with the Irish Tradition of turnip geisterns to emigrate came to America, was from the beets pumpkins, Jack Oldfield, the Jack-O’ – Lantern, and the Tradition of a Trend. That Halloween , also in Germany of increasing popularity, also like the fact that it is a celebration, the old German customs, such as the beet spirits, and the Martini singing resembles. And what a thorn in the eye, others a welcome change. Particularly, because of the 01. November will be a quiet day to celebrate is prohibited.

Because you can on December 31. October, the Chance of a rushing exploit horror festival at home simply gorgeous. Or a great theme party or simply to move with the children to the houses and to ask for “Trick or Treat!”. Halloween Fans will not come around the end of October anyway, a neat spooky decor, and certain accessories. The hollowed-out pumpkin is inevitable and must be omnipresent. Cobwebs, ghosts, bats and Zombies are also an essential part of good Halloween decorations.

The Halloween decoration is to succeed, it is here now the 3 most important, basic basic accessories to Halloween:

1. Light strings and garlands

Of light chains and garlands is no way to Halloween. Whether scary or funny, cute or schockig, light chains have to be in every Halloween decoration Repertoire.

2. Door-, window – and ceiling decoration

Not quite to wrong doors in a lot of horror, a key film element: You never know what is hidden behind it. And the squeaking and creaking makes the appropriate noise.

3. Fire, bones, fake blood

Everything flutters, flickers, lights up, flashes and dripping is elementary for a traditional Halloween decoration. Creative and spooky looking calm. For example, with these ideas:

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