Spring decoration for the living room

Awaken spring feelings at home

On a walk, the blossoming landscape flatters the eye, the birds accompany the scene with their twittering and the best mood captures the mind. You can also benefit from this positive energy when stylish spring decoration enhances the living room. The seasonal trends in 2019 are multifaceted. So it’s entirely up to you how to interpret the beginning of the warm half of the year and decorate it at home in the spring.

Trendy colors and a touch of vintage

Not only in the spring decoration 2019, fresh flowers take the lead. The flourishing signature will accompany the entire year. That’s why, with shapely vases, you create the ideal foundation for contemporary decorating.

Just as present in the current spring decoration are pure white and pastel pink. These colors can be picked up by fitting the three-piece set with the appropriate daffodils. The largely monochrome spectrum unfolds a touch of vintage. This can be fabulously underscored with antiquarian black-and-white portraits of young ladies, who are casually laid out on a sideboard and livened up by a spring blossom on the edge.

These well-dosed details are perfect enough to accentuate the modern living room to match the season.

Spring greetings from the herb garden

Some decorating ideas have been very popular for years. This includes the idea of ??using fresh herbs not only to round off the culinary creations. The aromatic plants are also chic on the dinner table. The self-watering flowerpots are practical and very aesthetic with their two-tone look. Decide deliberately for domestic genera such as chives, cress or lemon balm as a substitute for the rich green in the spring. You may add a flower highlight and populate a flowerpot with hyacinths.

The beneficial plants are not arranged on the windowsill in the kitchen, but directly on the dining table. Cut some typical seasonal motifs out of construction paper, which are attached to shashlik skewers and put into the garden herbs. A spring decoration could hardly be more sympathetic and uncomplicated.

Classic spring decoration in the living room

Constant change and innumerable innovations characterize the present. Accordingly, it is attractive to cling to classics in some aspects of life.

For generations grass green and sun yellow are typical colors for the spring decoration.

Equally familiar are daffodils and pussy willows for the seasonal signature in the living room. It does not mind if you stick with it.

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