Square coffee table with stools underneath

Coffee tables are furniture that can be found in almost every home and we use every day. At the time of his invention in England over 200 years ago, a square coffee table was only there to offer a storage space for coffee and tea. This also gave rise to the English Name “Coffee Table” . In modern apartments, however, a square coffee table is much more, namely a wonderful decoration Highlight.

Now you will learn how a coffee table can change your living room.

Coffee table square: the modern classic among the side tables
A square coffee table captivates through its simplicity, for example, made of oak, or in white glossy finish, which makes this side table an adaptable decorative wonders. Such a coffee table can be combined with all possible Styles such as: Shabby-Chic, Glamorous, Country, Country-style, Vintage, Romantic / Girly Or try something new, like a decoration with maritime Chic, by filling a glass bowl with Sand, arranging some particularly beautiful shells attractively on the Sand and putting the bowl on the coffee table (Square) in the center. Add a small wooden sailboat or a few striped wind lights to complete the Look. So you also have a memory of the last holiday by the Sea directly at home on your coffee table.

Thanks to additional storage space under the table top or on some models even integrated drawers, a square coffee table offers additional storage space for all the little things for which there is no space, such as remote controls, TV magazines and magazines. A square coffee table that stands on Wheels is a special insider tip for those who like to be flexible.

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