Stainless steel wall lights: outdoor stars by sturdy material

Outdoor wall lights are not easy!

Rain and hail patter on the housing, in summer the sun beats down and in winter it has to withstand minus degrees in the double-digit range. And if it’s not about solar lights, where blazing sun is the best there is, put all environmental conditions to the lights,

With …

  • one professional operation.
  • regular cleaning.
  • the suitable location
  • as well as the selection of correct IP degree of protection

… you can do that lifespan his outdoor lights already a bit far increase,

But that too materialthat makes up the luminaire determines its durability. And no matter who you ask, everyone agrees: it’s a good choice Wall lights made of stainless steel,

What are the advantages of stainless steel luminaires?

One fact first: Even wall luminaires with polycarbonate or glass shades can be of very high quality and long-lasting. As long as you do not opt ​​for the cheapest products from the junk-table, you usually enjoy your outdoor lights for a long time. Stainless steel lights but have some advantages, which make them particularly attractive for the majority of users:

  • stainless steel looks good, Always and everywhere.
  • Stainless steel is less sensitive to corrosion,
  • Stainless steel is stable,
  • Stainless steel is temperature resistant,
  • Stainless steel is easy care,

But stainless steel alone is not enough as a seal of high quality. In fact, there are stainless steel in different grades.

What are the features of stainless steel wall lights?

Whether for the garage entrance, the entrance to the house or the narrow lane: There are numerous possibilities for using stainless steel exterior wall luminaires. Accordingly, their equipment is very different. Some important ones Criteria to help you choose:

Stainless steel wall lights with LED

Are without alternative the best lighting solution. you save up compared to the light bulb 90% energy, are very switching stability and hold operational up to 50,000 hours, This makes them the first choice for many (if not all) outside applications.

Stainless steel wall lights with motion detector

Make sense everywhere, where lighting is used practically, Motion detectors use lighting economicallythat is, when you need it. This saves energy and protects the lamps.

But: renounce You necessarily on energy-saving lamps, They have one starting timeuntil they reach the maximum brightness. For immediate light when needed, they are not suitable! LEDs offer against it immediately 100% Brightness (like incandescent and halogen lamps too). This makes them suitable for home lighting as well as z. B. for burglary protection.

Stainless steel wall lights with two-sided light outlet

A luminaire, which emits light beams upwards and downwards, also serves in many cases staging ends Purposes. Because make you aware that Outdoor reflection areas do not count large, So if the light moves up the house wall, That looks great – but you do not have a brightness advantage along the way.

Use stainless steel wall lights with two-sided light outlet for the Staging your facade, But you should without motion detector do. The façade, of course, really shows off when the light is on all the time. Here, too, LED lighting technology helps you save energy.

How and how high do you attach wall sconces?

Stainless steel wall lights require a power connection on the facade if they are not solar powered. The assembly itself let you ideally by the electrician carry out. You will also find instructions for setting up your specific luminaire in your lamp world package.

However, you can be aware of this before assembly, where your wall sconce is best placed, This also includes how high the wall lamp should be attached. This can rarely be stated in numbers, since each property (and those who enter it) are slightly different, but at some Guidelines can you then orient yourself:

Wall lights should not dazzle

This may be indoors or outdoors most important attachment tip, If the wall light in the entrance dazzles and you rather wegs- instead of looking, the lamp has missed its purpose. Because you can not properly perceive your environment (because you are blinded), it is quickly happened that you missed the steps, missed steps or even a flowerpot surrounds.

One avoids that by basically the light mounted about 5 cm above eye level, so not lower than 1.70 m to 1.80 m, Of course it also depends on how the light case the luminaire is (whether it radiates against you) or whether it is one Anti-glare diffuser, z. B. polycarbonate, has.

On wall lights you should not get stuck

Of course you should not get stuck with his woolen sweater on a corner of the light housing or bump into it with packed bags. If it does not hurt you, then maybe the lamp. You can avoid both. The easiest way to do that is by lighting up positioned higher,

But also in narrower corridors Extensive luminaires can further restrict the already scarce space. Here also offers, one Luminaire with low projection or depth to use.

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