Stylish Easter decorating without the Kitsch, and for little money

To Shine Easter many homes and gardens in bright colors and fresh flowers. Traditionally, one welcomes the warm time of the year. Now, where everything blooms and casts. The color of the joy of Easter does not lead to, in the Kitsch Department. Of course, decoration is also true in the case of Easter is always: is Permitted, what pleases. For those who prefer it but to make his home in style, of these suggestions and tips for Easter decorating without the Kitsch inspired.

The appropriate colors for Easter

In the Easter decoration and the color combination of Yellow and Green dominated. Green is the hope of symbolizes on the one hand, of course. On the other hand, it also stands for the Bloom of nature. Yellow transports light and brightness and pick up the now longer and warmer days into the cozy home.

Want something more restrained, warm sage may be green with a bright, cheerful lemon yellow combined. Or Vice versa, a strong, rich bottle green with pastel yellow shades. It is important that both colors are too loud. Otherwise, the Easter decoration is not too Intrusive and aggressive. And that is exactly what you don’t want to Easter.

Very well the primary colours of Green and Yellow blend in shades of Easter with Orange and delicate pink. Also light blue and pastel purple harmony and a cheerful spring atmosphere.

Typical flowers for Easter decoration

Who is decorated with fresh cut or potted flowers, you should use at Easter to the typical spring flowering plants. Tulips, daffodils and Crocuses, the traditional Easter flower. But also daisies and snowdrops, as well as pussy willow and forsythia may not keep Easter in the from your winter sleep, awakening to the apartment decoration.

For a stylish Easter decoration with fresh flowers should not be missing in any case. It’s just you, the get in a very natural way elegant and Fresh in the apartment.

Easter Trend 2019: Wind Lights

Traditionally wind brought lights probably has to do with Christmas. Because especially in the dark Season you are with your Golden light, a warming treat for the atmosphere. But, increasingly, wind lights with original accessories, also find Easter more and more popular. Here are some suggestions, which show that wind lights bring out the Easter decoration sparkle:

The classic Easter decoration – Egg

The Egg is the absolute Symbol of Easter, and should not be missing in a fixed, stylish decoration. If you don’t like, it made so much rustic and hand, you can use the decorative eggs in an elegant Look. These are available in trendy copper variants, but also from porcelain and stone. In bowls and on trays chic Easter eggs such as these are particularly good effect. And you will never lose is really out of date.

Fancy and stylish vases and pots of flowers in egg shape

A very nice Alternative or addition to Easter decoration egg-shaped vases for cut pots are flowers and flowers and pots for Planting. These are available in different colors and sizes, but especially from different materials. So, these wonderful spring messenger perfectly integrated into a stylish Easter decoration. Because they also serve as a carrier of natural Freshness and colors to Easter.

Easter nests and Easter wreaths for decoration

Whether on the table, the Sideboard or at the door: Easter nests made of high-quality and stylish materials the whole of the Easter on the values of decoration. Who thinks of artificial grass and bright-colored plastic eggs can be used, and of the examples of these Easter nests and wreaths convince you that it’s also stylish:

The is a must for any Easter decoration!

The most obvious representative of Easter may not be missing in a elegant Easter decoration: Easter Bunny. Particularly precious the Bunny acts as a stylized Deco figure. But he may like to be a bit cute – so as a sympathy carrier of Easter. That is a certain elegance and cute appearance are not mutually exclusive, some of these representatives of the decoration-Easter Bunny here is a good proof.

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