Terrace lighting – stage free for the outdoor living room

The insects make it, in the living room it is long trend. Now it’s the turn of the terrace to get in Cocooning to practice. That means: a nice, cozy retreat for balmy summer evenings to offer. Eating, reading, yoga, board games, home office, crocheting, embroidering or a foot bath. All this is possible on the atmospheric terrace. And it’s also much more fun in the fresh air.

Are there also floor lamps for my terrace?

What is good next to the sofa is also good for the lounge furniture on the terrace. And the range of floor lamps for outdoor is not exactly small.

Are there any pendant lights for my terrace?

From the simple pendant to the pompous chandelier, all types of pendant lights are available for your patio. As in the living room, a stylish pendant light is a great eye-catcher and creates an atmosphere for soul-dangling and relaxing.

What are the advantages of motion detectors?

Clearly a higher one Comfort, Imagine coming to the terrace with a fully loaded tray and using your elbow to turn on the garden lighting. With a motion detector the patio lamps illuminate your appearance by itself. Also the risk of injury is so banished. Because the temptation to scurry quickly in the dark on the terrace, is unnecessary thanks to motion sensor. Burglars make it more difficult for motion detectors to do business – another plus in things security, And incidentally, motion detectors also save money. Because if the light is only on when it is actually needed, it will do in the long run electricity bill noticeable.

Are there solar powered patio lights?

Who wants to get along completely without electricity costs, is well advised with solar-powered models. From decorative lights to wall and path lights to smart home lights with direct wire to the sun, there is almost everything in our shop. tip: For solar lights are the best places that get a lot of sun. Best in southern orientation. So in the evening the lighting is perfect. Thanks to the twilight sensor, it then switches on automatically.

Super handy: patio lamps with power outlet

Kill two birds with one stone? Shine with integrated sockets that’s exactly what they do. It’s not just light that they care for in the garden. Also for one or several practical power sources. No matter if you run out of juice on the phone or you want to mow the lawn. Just plug it in and tap it.

Which styles and models are available?

In principle, all that there is for inside too. From the functional wall light to the decorative table lamp. And the range of styles is enough from purist reduced to very unusual and playful models. Filter the keyword “patio lamp” easily with your preferred style. For example:

    • Young Living / Modern
    • Country house / Rustic
    • Antique
    • design

What to look for when buying bulbs

Cozy should it be, your terrace? Then you need cozy light – just like in the living room. So best warm white lightthat goes reddish. The well-known light bulb very similar. It’s different with outdoor lights like the path lamp. This is supposed to ensure good visibility. She can do that with a lamp that is more bluish in color. And if you want to know exactly, just read our guide to light color,

tip: Terrace lights are of course also available with permanently installed LED technology. When buying, you should make sure that the light of the lamp can also do what you expect.

May my terrace light get wet?

Electricity and water do not match. Unless your patio lamp has one adequate degree of protection. And it informs you if you can leave your lamp in the rain or sink it in the pond. Depending on the place where you place your luminaire, another type of protection is appropriate. Because protected under the roof, a lamp is less wet than unprotected outdoors.

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