That is why LED wall lights give the lighting the right spice

That LED all other lighting technologies in things Energy efficiency, longevity and individual, versatile light is superior to lengths, requires no more explanation. For wall lights, this is no different. LED wall sconces are the first choice for modern interiors, for classic interior styles or the Skandi style – the selection is huge.

Numerous world-famous designers have also accepted and presented the wall sconce creative highlights. The LED lighting technology helps them. says Gigi Ranica, founder and designer of Knikerboker. The LED technology allows shapes that have never existed before. And they stand out because there are sconces on the wall always at eye level.

And yes, you understand that just right: From a wall lamp with socket you can make an LED light in no time and make use of all advantages. Simply select the appropriate LED bulb.

Which LED wall lights fit in which room?

In the living room

Here is a huge selection of styles and forms available. In addition, every ordinary wall light (with replaceable bulbs) can be turned into an LED wall light: simply with the right LED bulb.

Very modern are models out chrome or plaster, A round Wall lamp off opaline is also timelessly beautiful. Classic is it z. B. with lights Brass. Very tasteful are also classic models with pull switch, that you can stylishly turn on and off.

In the hallway

In narrow corridors come at best very much flat models question. These are perhaps less of an eye-catcher, but offer enough light for shoe binding and style checks. In larger corridors the restrictions disappear. Extensive models can also be used here.

All modern are models with chrome and Glass. ClassicStylish are models in the form of a candle holder with or without umbrella around the bulb. Very Nobel it will be with you Crystal. Modern and classic LED wall lights are Lighting and eye-catcher at the same time!

In the bedroom

Here are LED wall lights a beautiful Alternative to the classic bedside lamp. In particular in the form of wall lamps a reading and orientation light is installed over the bedside table today.

swiveling should be the models, so it is not a problem, if you go for the newspaper a bit higher in bed or disappear with your novel almost under the covers. Very comfortable: on counter directly on the lamp. No wall connection right on the bed? Then there are sconces with Cable for the socket the solution!

What should be considered with LED wall lights for the bathroom?

Before other people get a face, it goes in the morning first to the bathroom. You stand in front of the mirror, scratch your sleep out of your eyes, shave or make up, wash and style yourself – until you finally say, “Okay, that way I can go under the people!” Lighting in the bathroom close to the light conditions under daylight. This is in addition to a decent brightness also a good color rendering required.

Wall lights are used in the bathroom, especially in the form of mirror lighting. And because LED lighting technology (next to the thrift) offers so much more possibilities, especially with smart home technology, LED wall lights replace classic fluorescent lamps & Co. more and more.

Important: The attachment of lights in the bathroom should, however, also with LED wall lights of expert take over. Especially in this room, because the light sometimes more, sometimes less Contact with moisture Has. That’s why in the bathroom special safety for lights. The bathroom is subdivided into protection areas, which, in addition to the degree of protection of a luminaire, also cover other aspects such as the operating voltage.

What smart functions can I expect from LED wall lights today?

We live in times of Smart home systems. Lights are now part of the networked house. From the other side of the world today you can turn off and on your wall light in the hallway (Why would you do that? Well, because you may have forgotten to turn it off before your vacation or because you want to turn it on as a Presence simulation).

But that can work only with LED lighting technology. Because it offers photometric possibilities that far surpass other illuminant technologies. Here is an excerpt of featuresthat you can look forward to LED wall sconces (and other lights) today:

  • RGB color change (with up to 16,000,000 colors on some smart home systems)
  • Color temperature change (Warm white for living, universal and daylight white for working)
  • Operation per Remote control, smartphone or tablet (depending on smart home system)
  • dimmable LED technology (with EasyDim even without additional dimmer)
  • programmable light routines (on all app-driven systems)

A little hint: Properly comprehensive functions offer the smart home system PHILIPS Hue. With the lamps and lights of this established system you can (depending on the product) experience all the functions mentioned here yourself. If you do not want to network your whole house right away, you can For example, start with iDual. And those who have nothing to do with Smart Home, but still want to enjoy dimmable LED technology without dimmers, take a closer look at EasyDim products.

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