That’s why floor lamps are the most comfortable extra light in the world

Floor lamps belong to one well-lit room to. Because a ceiling light alone has not yet illuminated a room. At least not if you do more in the room than just going through it. On the other hand, never before has a floor lamp alone lit a room. It is therefore clear that the two types of lights must complement each other.

Luckily, that works very well in every room! The ceiling light takes on the power connection on the ceiling. The floor lamp is plugged into any socket. Improvement can be that easy!

Why do I need a floor lamp?

  • For reading the newspaper,
  • to coziness,
  • sometimes to work,
  • for crafting,
  • to create islands of light
  • to structure the room,
  • And last but not least: to look beautiful (because floor lamps are really very chic!)

That’s a lot of stuff. And clearly, not every floor lamp can do it all. Therefore, one differentiates between different types of floor lamps.

What floor lamps are there?

One distinguishes between three types of floor lamps: Classic floor lamps, arc lamps and ceiling washlights. They differ according to theirs Shape and also function. The most important function of a floor lamp for many is the reading light on a ceiling washer. In form, the nature of the room and the style of furnishing play the most important roles.

Classic floor lamps

Classic floor lamps have a foot, a long, straight towering frame and a shade, z. B. made of fabric. They are used for beautiful islands of light and to structure the space. In addition, classic floor lamps are used to enhance the style of the room, nice element to enrich. Also many hotels use this to be in the lobby inviting areas to accomplish. It works at home too!

arc lamps

Arc lights differ mainly by the curved frame. Place your foot under the sofa, the frame meanders stylish around the back and the light falls from above (or slightly laterally) on the pages of the thriller. Yes, reading is much more fun than having to constantly turn the book to the light!


Ceiling washers stand out like a classic floor lamp. But the light does not fall to the side and down, but up to the ceiling. Not much happens with a dark ceiling. In a bright but will the light reflects and falls gently into the room. But wait! It’s still not comfortable enough to read. Right. The designers of the ceiling washer have thought so too and one additional light source built-in: one reading lamp on a flexible reading arm. More comfort is not possible!

Right on trend: tripod floor lamps

Tripod floor lamps, so-called Tripods, break with the classic idea of ??a floor lamp – and are therefore absolutely in line with the trend. They transfer the image of a camera tripod with his three legs on the living room lamp. And although there are many variants in which one commercial the lamp crowns, so that the whole thing looks like one Studio lighting, are also lights with fabric shade very much in demand. The latter combined with a three-legged wooden frame brings a touch of Scandinavian coziness in your own four walls.

And that’s not all – be inspired by the large selection of tripod lights at!

Which light bulb belongs in the floor lamp?

Please no bulb! The consumes unnecessarily much power. Led Lamps provide nice light, a great color rendering and the right brightness today. And that with 90% less energy consumption. If you still have a floor lamp with sockets – replace the old bulbs with LED bulbs. You want to buy a new floor lamp anyway? Wonderful! Then floor lamps with already permanently installed LEDs could be a nice option.

Are new floor lamps also dimmable?

Sure, even those with LED are in there dimmable variants. After all, how can you make yourself comfortable in your armchair with a book or a newspaper, when the light does not play along? Everyone feels light differently. And that’s why good floor lamps such. For example, many ceiling lights from are equipped with a dimmer. Separated for each of the two lights (main light and reading light), of course.

Which floor lamp should I choose?

It all depends on the style of your room. Because just like hanging lamps, table lamps & Co. you do not have to decide between two or three models, but can filter the search results for your favorite style at Some style examples are:

    • Wooden floor lamps, whose wooden legs fit like a fist on the eye,
    • Designer floor lamps, because designers from Luceplan, FLOS & Co. have also discovered this object for themselves,
    • Floor lamps with fabric shade, whose lampshade makes the light even more comfortable,
    • Tripod floor lamps, also called Tripods. Really trendy!

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