The arc lamp: so it bends for new light experiences

Each luminaire style was developed out of a need. The arc lamp was created to project light onto a table, Of course, ceiling lights and pendant lights are capable of doing so. But the arc lamp should fulfill this task, without having to make the power connection to the ceiling or even need to set up another.

today the type of light, which was made prominent in 1962 by the brothers Castiglioni with the design icon Arco, is used for much more than lighting the table. arc lamps light the reading chair, the residential landscape and more. From above like a hanging lamp. And so purposefully, that one beautiful light island arises, in which z. B. can read and relax.

How to build an arc lamp?

Building arc lights is wonderfully easy (and usually goes faster than installing a ceiling light). Each arc lamp  is one assembly Instructions at. This explains quickly and easily, which parts like plugged together or -geschraubt. Then the plug is plugged into the socket. Done is the new lamp.

However, if you now realize that the space for the light is not enough (arc lamps can sometimes be very bulky), it would be time for a return. Not nice for you, not nice for us! That’s why here some tipson you before the purchase should pay attention to:

  • Before the available space measure,
  • dining areas illuminate? Then large arc lamps with a height and reach of 2 m and more interesting. So you can walk around the table without the light in the way.
  • reading areas illuminate? Choose a luminaire with a projection of about 50 cm, which is thus close to armchairs and more. An adjustable height ensures that the light adapts to your favorite chair.
  • you have one sloping roof? Then you can use arc lights as a pendant replacement. In any case, pay attention to the height below the slope.

What advantages do arc lamps with LEDs have?

That permanently installed LEDs the lighting completely maintenance free make and 90% less energy as a light bulb, belongs to the Standard properties of an LED, For arc lamps, however, another feature of LED lamps is relevant: their compactness, LEDs are tiny, integrate into the frame and therefore allow very flat and slim shapes.

On a bulb-shaped bulbs and a large, downwardly open screen can therefore be omitted.

Note: For LED arc lamps, however, it is particularly important to pay attention to the light color and the color reproduction. The light color should be warm white be less than 3,300 Kelvin. Color reproduction is particularly important if you use the arc lamp as a pendant replacement over the dining table. First from Ra 80, food is displayed well in color, However, high-quality LED products easily achieve these values.

Are there dimmable arc lamps?

Yes of course. You will find these prefiltered here in the shop. You will notice that also many LED products under it are. To take advantage of this lighting technology and at the same time to enjoy dimmable light for an always individual lighting mood does not exclude itself.

Note, however, that the dimmer is mostly installed in a footswitch is. Just grab the armchair and adjust the brightness on the frame, as you would with the uplighter, so of course not possible.

Which arc lamp is a true classic?

The Arco by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, available in the range of the designer brand FLOS, is a true classic. In fact, we owe the archery category to the development of the two men in the first place. The Arco model, with its Carrara marble base and elegant frame, is as in demand today as it was in 1962 when it was developed. The principle of timelessness the designers understood already then!

Are arc lamps also suitable for the dining room?

A definite yes, because even the first arc lamp, the Arco, was designed for exactly this purpose.

Another pendant lamp or ceiling light, for which you had to provide another power connection to the ceiling, you did not want. And when it came, a table with a floor lamp from above to illuminate, as it is otherwise possible only with a pendant lamp, then the floor lamp was also a do not stand in the way, In other words, you had to be able to walk around the table without having to avoid the light. This was only possible with a curved, high and sweeping luminaire: the arc lamp. A great invention!

If you like that imitate If you want to, but do not opt ??for the Arco, your light needs in each case a corresponding Height and reach, so that you pass under the arch comfortably can.

Watch out at a dining table lighting in addition to:

    • a warm white, comfortable light color of less than 3,300 Kelvin
    • a Color rendering of at least Ra 80 for tasteful looking foods

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