The bedside lamp for bedrooms

The bedside lamp for bedrooms with and without bedside tableA bedroom without bedside lamp is like a frame without a picture. It works, but it’s missing something – clearly!

In the bedroom, the small additional light achieves a great effect. It’s not just about helping yourself not to toe off at bedpost at night. It conveys beyond that Warmth and cosiness and takes care of one relaxed atmosphere, z. B. in the evening leaves in country house or fashion magazine, listening to music, novel or newspaper reading.

“But if I do not have a nightstand, I do not need to worry about a bedside lamp,” you may think. But that’s not true! Because in terms of attachment is really really only the classic bedside lamp really on the bedside table.

So there is no reason for this atmospheric, useful additional light to renounce!

The classic bedside lamp on the table

The most popular variant The bedside light is actually the table lamp. After all, bedside tables are not that rare.

You do not have a bedside table? Then go directly to the wall light variant.

Do you have a bedside table? Then enjoy the variety that gives you a trapezoidal, (half) round or cylindrical lampshade made of fabric or glass and a foot made of wood or metal.

Because that’s how it looks the classic model of the bedside lamp out. Hundreds of designers have adopted this model, always giving it new, creative forms and improving it. For example with Additional features like a USB port for the phone.

The classic bedside lamp type offers:

    • undirected, soft light with a homely atmosphere
    • one plug for easy insertion of the light
    • mostly one counter on the cable

Tip: Bedside lamps with touch dimmer!

Everyone has searched for the light switch of the bedside lamp once in pitch-dark night – and did not find it immediately. At least once. Rather twice, thrice or … regularly! If that annoys, he will bring his bedside lamp integrated touch function never give it away. Because all you have to do to turn on the light is to stretch your arm and tap on the foot of the light once. Already the light goes on and even switches step by step through the different brightness levels by. Really comfortable!

The bedside lamp as a pure reading lamp

The bedside lamp type for bookworms! And that includes novel readers as well as newspaper readers.

Both use that directed light a reading lamp for your hobby. This light is less about soft feel-good light than about practical lighting (which may also be chic by design!). Because of this, this guy has a screen that does that Light bundles.

Correctly recognized: The difference to the desk lamp is not that big!

The reading lamp type under the bedside lamp type offers:

      • directed light to read
      • one adjustable arm with ideally several joints
      • little light for the rest of the room to orient at night (in addition, the aligned reading light can dazzle the partner if you have to get out at night!)

Tip: Recommended light color for bedside lamps

Many modern smartphones automatically reduce the amount of blue in the evening hours. This is because high blue levels in the light can be encouraging to some people. With your bedside lamp you should therefore on a Warm white, comfortable light color from 2,700 to 3,300 Kelvin respect, think highly of. The light reddish light works soothing as a white or even bluish light and is therefore especially recommended for the evening hours.

Real design classics under the bedside lamps

The table lamp is an extreme popular luminaire type for designers. True bedside lamp classics are, however, already rare. But who says that you can not put a timeless modern lamp from the Bauhaus era on the bedside table?

Once you have realized that you can basically put any table lamp on the bedside table that has Design selection without end!

There you will find for example:

        • creative interpretations of Fontana Arte
        • stylized, unusual art objects by FLOS
        • modern design classics from Oluce
        • world-famous classics by Artemide (classier than reading with a Tolomeo does not work!)

Tip: bedside lamps with LED

Many manufacturers and designers are increasingly turning to LED light sources to use. Usually, bedside lamps are not lit as long as ceiling lights. But if you forget to turn off the lights at night, that does not affect the LEDs. The lights are maintenance-free, Offer even light and save energy. So, if you have ever shied away from permanently installed LEDs: Let it go. The bulbs of an LED bedside lamp will never break if everything goes well. And if, after several decades, you may want to buy a new light anyway.

The bedside lamp … on the wall!

Where is room for a bedside lamp, if not on the bedside table? The answer: on the wall next to the bed.

That’s not uncommon. In many hotels, the lighting is installed exactly the same way. But in hotels you usually have a bedside table anyway. The space for book, mobile phone and watch you do not want to take the guest.

A wall sconce is an option even if you have a bedside table but simply need space for things other than a lamp.

Often donate wall lights for the bed directed light.

The wall lamp type under the bedside lamps …

          • provides directed light to read
          • has a flexibly adjustable light head
          • hardly provides light for the rest of the room to orient at night
          • requires a power connection on the wall (or two, if both partners want to use this)

The unusual bedside pendant light

“Fancy” because the pendant lamp type is quite rare. But as is so often the case with rare things, they do enormous impression!

Why this guy is so rare, but quickly explained: He makes ceiling connections required. And these must also be placed exactly like the bed. Move the bed later? Is not! So before using suspended luminaires, there is a good planning of the bedroom in the long term. This explains why this type of light is used more often in hotel rooms than in the private bedroom.

The pendant lamp type under the bedside lamps …

            • offers depending on the pendant light directed or diffused room light for reading or for the ambience
            • is a tremendous one stylish interpretation the lighting next to the bed
            • requires a power connection on the ceiling (or two, if both partners want to use it)

This light type is meant for people who just everything want to have – at least lighting technology.

Whether you have a bedside table or not: The wall lamp with integrated, additional (!) reading light is just a jack of all trades! She combines that dim, cozy light of the classic type with one spot-like reading light and does not use a square millimeter of space on a bedside table.

This particular bedside lamp type …

              • bestows perfect, purposeful light to read in bed
              • gives nice, atmospheric light just to be able to relax and have an orientation light at night
              • makes both types of light separately switchable
              • takes no room on the bedside table to complete
              • looks comfortable, modern and hip, trendy, popular out

Last but not least: the space saver (or the intermediate solution)

No chance! Either is no bedside table there or the space on it is needed differently.

But to connect a wall lamp or a hanging lamp? If I can not, I do not want to, I’m not allowed to do that (because it’s a student flat, for example) or maybe it’s not possible.

No matter if space limitations or because of that Temporary solution must be found or both: Clamp and socket lights are the solution.

These two lighting options for the bedroom are …

                • absolutely space-saving
                • very fast and flexible
                • flexibly adjustable thanks to the individually adjustable lamp neck

Clamp or socket light? This depends mainly on how far away and where the power outlet or bracket is located. A socket light that hangs somewhere on the baseboard, brings to reading only a little. A clamp light that is clamped to a shelf a meter away, just as little. Ideal is one Socket light in about 60-70 cm height and in good reach for the arm or one Clamping light at the same height and with a switch that is also good for the arm.

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