The right table lamp? Is there for everyone!

Should your table lamp be functional or decorative?

The selection of lights for dressers, side tables, desks, dining and kitchen tables is bombastic. The most important question of all: Should your table lamp functional his or her decorative? Or preferably both?

Does that go? decorative aspect Before, you should first of all be clear about your preferred style. Under the living room lighting category table lamps you can get an overview.

Are you Additional functions important, these should not be missing on your checklist for the perfect table lamp. Think carefully about what you want your light to use. If it also includes “charging your cell phone”, then you know what to do: look for a luminaire with Qi technology or a USB connection. If you value colorful light scenarios, look in our product details for the words “multicolour” under “light color”.

Checklist for the perfect table lamp

Answer these ask just for yourself with yes or no. And then it falls decision lighter.

  • The functions are the nuts and bolts?
  • Design and function are both important?
  • Smart home-capable should it be?
  • A remote control is required?
  • Do you want to play with the light colors?

With this handy list you can step by step to your dream model. And for further questions, our expert advice is of course ready with joy. Contact details can be found below.

Which bulb is the right one for my table lamp?

For table lamps – as with all other lamps also – applies: There are models with permanently installed LED technology. In this case, you do not need to worry about the bulb. And there are models where you do that Replace bulbs can if necessary. Mostly you have the choice between LED and energy saving lamps. The most common and absolutely recommendable today are LED lamps. Why this is so, you can read in our infographic.

How much watts are necessary for my table lamp?

To watt Today, you can not afford to buy bulbs any more – unlike the light bulb used to be. Because the wattage refers to the Power consumption, not on the brightness. Since an LED lamp consumes much less energy (up to 90%) than a conventional incandescent lamp with the same brightness, you can confidently forget about watts as a comparison value. The value that the brightness describes is called Lumen. That’s what you should orient yourself to.

How many lumens should my table lamp have?

300-400 lumens are sufficient for a table lamp. That’s enough of the brightness for a range lighting. For after all, she is not there to make the entire room shine bright. On the contrary: it should Provide cosiness and set light accents. To read a book, she is also bright enough with 300-400 lumens. Because in this case, the cozy armchair usually stands next to the pleasant light source.

Where should my table lamp stand best?

A table lamp can open Side tables, chests of drawers or even the windowsill to be placed. So she creates in the room for beautiful light accents. Is not the cozy light in focus, but writing or crafts, then you should note: The desk lamp should also be on the left side in right-handers, so that the hand throws no disturbing shadow.

Whoever has to work longer should in addition to the desk lamp also a ceiling light turn on. So the contrast between the illuminated desk and the rest of the room is not that big, which keeps your eyes fresh and cheerful.

Are there any dimmable table lamps?

It often becomes really comfortable when the light is dimmed in the evening. Especially handy Touch dimmer. Just touch and the light intensity is screwed down in steps. Depending on the model you will need the lamp base, the lamp head or other parts gently tap. For example, with the famous Costanza lamp by Luceplan, the touch dimmer is hidden in the simple aluminum lever.

Are pinch lights also suitable for the table?

With a clamp light save definitely Space. Straight on Writing desk, which bends against sheer documents, that is very convenient. In other places, a space-saving light can be very useful – for example on the bookshelf, on the bedside table or on the kitchen shelf. Models like the Tolomeo by Artemide – a true classic – prove that a lighting solution can look great.

Is my lampshade washable?

The cleaning of the lampshade depends on its material. For example, while polycarbonate screens can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, use a duster to gently wipe paper screens. Fabric screens are usually easy to remove and easy to wash.

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