Tiffany wall lights – visible glass works of art with cozy light

Enter the room, let your eyes wander through a wonderfully warm light and discover an enchanting piece of glass art? With Tiffany wall lights it becomes possible! Because these products combine the functionality of a wall lamp with the beautiful design style, which was founded at the end of the 19th century by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of a New York jeweler and a successful artist himself. For his art, he was inspired again and again and was a true globetrotter, who gathered around the globe his ideas for his landscape painting. He was also the most influential American youth artist to this day. In addition to landscape painting, however, he also devoted himself to glass art, for which he is ultimately very famous. Louis Comfort Tiffany developed a novel method of using and processing glass, creating elaborate, mosaic – like windows and windows the world famous Tiffany lightswhich you can bring today in the form of Tiffany wall lights or even Tiffany floor lamps in your own four walls. They lend to your rooms a comfortable, noble, yes, artistic ambience,

What makes the special look of the Tiffany wall lights?

It’s hard to resist the charm of Tiffany lights. However, not every wall light is the same. On the contrary: Tiffany wall sconces are highly individual; none is like the other. That is because of the fact that mosaic-like glass shades can always find new color combinations, motifs and design types. Because Tiffany wall lights have a screen made of soldered-glass elements in a variety of colors and shapes. So the mosaic pieces can emulate an abstract, colorful flower, fruit or a butterfly. However, many products are simply inspiring with an appealing pattern, which gives the luminaire an individuality under which every future owner can discover his or her own favorite. Incidentally, the Tiffany glass art technique was inspired by the stunning windows of French churches and the glass art of the Ancient Egyptians. Both of them got to know and love Louis Tiffany on his travels.

Glass art and light – a fantastic combination

When daylight penetrates an elaborate stained-glass window, then the mosaic-like, colored glass elements make their full effect. No wonder that these architectural works of art, especially in the Middle Ages, had an almost magical effect on church visitors. Even today you can feel the impact of these works of art! Tiffany wall lights have a similar effect: When the light is switched on, the mosaic shines from the inside out, Floral motifs or animal, abstract or simply aesthetic patterns become too an impressive spatial elementIt is worth looking closely and discovering one or the other interesting detail.

Why it’s architecturally easy to be enchanted by the light of the Tiffany wall sconce

Imagine your room, with a contemplative Tiffany wall light shining on its wall. The light that spreads on your wall draws your attention to the source of light and inevitably you look. Immediately you will notice the beautiful wall sconce whose design sparkles its full effect. Unlike ceiling lights, which are rarely seen as a light source, Wall lights are always perceived, Because they are at eye level, Inevitably therefore the Tiffany wall lamp becomes too an important design element in the room. The product expresses your personal taste and completes the effect of the entire room, Notice that too Your guests, who can charm them with Tiffany wall sconces, And when you’re asked about it, tell the story of Louis Comfort Tiffany, his travels and his source of inspiration. Your guests, whether friends or relatives, will be amazed by your new wall lamp!

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