Tiki: an Exotic Flair in the garden and on terrace and balcony

In the context of the Vintage hype and Retro-Trends are not Tiki of this ancient Tradition by:. Polynesian – Hawaiian saying – the art of carving and sculpture, particularly in the 1950s, in American front yards and living rooms, expanded.

How come Tiki sculptures?

The Tiki sculptures, you know, in General, come from Hawaii. But their history goes back much further. It is closely linked to the colonization of the Hawaiian Islands. The inhabitants of the to be counted today, the United States, and island group to originate from Polynesia. In boats they made from new Zealand on the way to Hawaii. And so, the Name Tiki is a term of new Zealand’s indigenous people.

Tiki means so much as a man or a (first) person. The statues and masks are originally the idea of the gods on the earth, messenger, first people. But there are Tikis, which are the gods themselves. This arose especially after the emigration of some of the Polynesians in the South Pacific. Famous Tikis about the stone heads on the Easter Islands. But how Tiki of a tribal tradition became a pop culture phenomenon?

Tiki: Of the tribal culture to the fad

After the war, the actions achieved in the Second world war, the territories of the South Pacific, came to Japanese and especially American armed forces with the Tiki-culture. They brought both the concept of the rule of law, as well as the works of art in their home. And so the phenomenon of Tiki spread especially first in California, then across the entire North American continent.

Tiki found himself suddenly in fashion, in music, in Design and architecture. It seems that Tiki would have hit a post-war nerve. Ease, fun, vibrancy and exoticism were introduced in the everyday life and about the California Surf culture perfectly agree. No wonder, then, that the Tiki fashion. Until the 70s, enthusiastic Americans for Tiki.

After which he disappeared Tiki-inspired drinks, cups, lamp shades and wall decorations from the shelves, and thus also from the Public. It should take 20 years until the Trend Tiki was brought back to life. Then he spilled over from the USA to Europe. However, a lot of Caribbean elements with the Tiki culture are intertwined now, so Tiki majority is perceived as a General South-sea phenomenon.

What makes Tiki for the garden so interesting

Colorful decoration-labeled and decorated Surfboards made of wood, the icon image of the Tiki-feel of the surf generation par excellence. And clear, why not find which of the pillars of the patio roof or the exterior wall space. Actually, decoration such as elements with Tiki, but rather meant, which were made of stone or wood in hand work. Not only the production takes place in genuine Tiki sculptures in the traditional way.

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