Wall lights shine in your home

A wall light is not just an alternative to the ceiling light. Of course, sconces donate light and can be used for basic brightness to care. However, the wall light is always (correctly attached) in the field of vision, This is in contrast to ceiling light, which one perceives much less often, also to design element,

Lampenwelt.de has some tips on how to optimally select and install wall lights.

How do I choose the right wall light?

At the beginning, consider: In which room and for what Do I need my new wall light? Because there are sconces that are more decorative. Some are genuine, beautiful designer pieces. Although light is part of the object. However, brightness plays a minor role. There are also wall sconces that tend to illuminate an area through the use of spots. And those that illuminate your kitchen single-handedly.

What do you need from it?

Sconces as a staging device

Wall lights can to stage in two ways: through her casing or by the Modeling the light, When modeled light emits light z. B. up and down in structured light cones. A great design tool for the living room, dining room & Co., which then no longer have to hide from the classiest restaurants and hotel lobbies!

On the other hand, staging through the housing of the wall lamp is a basic question: For which interior design style do you need the luminaire? Sconces can be very simple and modern or become the bright highlight in the room. The first point of contact for you is therefore the Choice of style, z. B .:

  • shiny brass / gold wall lights
  • modern LED wall lights
  • classic wall torches
  • rustic country house sconces
  • glittering crystal wall lights
  • homely textile wall lights
  • extravagant designer wall sconces
  • or beautiful wood sconces

And that’s not all! A wood sconce can be as heavy as material and shape, like furniture in an old manor house in the countryside. Or light and informal, as in a Scandinavian house, in which every furnishing object tells of deceleration.

Again the question: What may it be for you?

Wall lights for the basic lighting

Is there not one for the ceiling apart from the power connections for the wall? Then you should bright wall lights with a high lumen number, which can provide a basic brightness. Optimal are wall lights that go up and down or in total to radiate towards the walls, For then the light is reflected and released into the room. This is called indirect light.

Important for it: a bright wall color. Because dark colors “swallow” light.

Wall lights for the lighting of areas

These include z. B. wall lights, with a commercial are equipped, but also z. B. Picture lights. Spots come as an alternative to the classic bedside lamp as well as the use of sideboards, comfortable armchairs u. a. For picture lights, the painting, the wall with holiday photos o. Ä. staged. In both cases however no basic brightness in the room generated.

How high should wall lights hang?

The general rule: Avoid being able to look directly into the bulb, Otherwise you might be blinded. And that reduces any living comfort! With a light outlet up and down z. B. recommends mounting in the upper third of the wall, That’s about on par.

At the same time, this ensures that the luminaire in the room is optimally perceived. When it comes to designer luminaires from well-known brands, the first topic of conversation is already inaugurated when visiting friends and acquaintances.

But beware: If there is a seating area nearby, you should not be able to look into the light from it. In case of doubt, the choice of the luminaire and its light outlets depends on how the Situation in the room designed.

Of course, there are also wall sconces that do not dazzle at all, Such with satin-finished screen, for example. It covers the bulbs just enough to prevent glare – but hardly diminishes the brightness. This is particularly common in bathroom and mirror lights as well as LED lights.

How do you attach wall lights?

Basically, a wall lamp should be installed so that neither from below, nor from above a direct view of the bulb is possible. In an installation about 5 cm above eye level, glare is almost impossible. As a rule, this results in one Mounting height from 1.70 m to 1.80 m,

During assembly, the instructions in the respective operating instructions and the safety instructions must be observed. Lampenwelt recommends that the installation be carried out professionally by a qualified electrician. Your safety is our priority!

And if it is just a light with cable and plug?

Then you only have one Attachment to the wall to care. Wall sconces with plugs are also a good solution if you simply can not or have no power connection for the wall. For rental apartments z. For example, if you are not allowed to change anything on the cabling. But drilling a few holes to mount a light with cable and plug, is always possible!

And if it is a lamp for the ceiling?

There are wall sconces for the ceiling, and ceiling lights that can be mounted on the wall. If that is the case, this is always included in the product descriptions of Lampenwelt.de. Because: Whether it works is depending on the product, And what good is the most beautiful ceiling light, if you want to attach it to the wall – and the umbrella simply can not hold in this situation?

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