What is a Clip-On Lamp Shade? And When Should I Use One?

When it comes to clip-on lights, you might first think of the typical (lighting) problems of a student’s room: it’s an impossibility to install some kind of furniture light under the kitchen cabinet. There is no money or room for the nightstand with bedside lamp. In the makeshift study, there is no proper light for the oh-so-small letters in the giant tomes. In such a way then clamp lights are used.

Until then sometime outgrown these problems and somewhere in a box still finds the old clamp light. You try them and … they are not that bad! Several uses come to mind. For example, the offspring is there and you could well attach them to a shelf near the changing table (out of reach of the baby). You could also clamp them on the kitchen cupboard and later on the drawing board or the music stand. Or, for example, very stylishly to the bookshelf.

Then the emergency becomes a real one stylish and above all, absolutely flexible lighting solution for everyone!

How to mount terminal lights?

There are two reasons why clamp lights are the simple lighting solution are what they are:

  1. You need only one outlet and thus no complicated installation
  2. You need only a thin mounting surface and have to do not drill and do not screw

So if you have a power outlet, all you have to do is have that Plug into the socket and find the right mounting surface to attach the Clamping foot or the locking screw “Mount”. Suitable surfaces can be:

    • the bedstead, z. B. for a flexible reading light
    • at the monitor for long gambling nights to find the chips bag
    • at the music standso that one can distinguish a quarter- from an eighth note
    • on cabinets or shelves to their staging and what is in it
    • near pictures for a constantly new staging of your favorite pictures
    • on the edge of the desk for a great workplace lighting
    • in the nursery as the little light that just goes along with all the fun
A little hint: If you plan to use the clamp light often elsewhere (and who does not do this with clamp lights!), Then pay attention to a model Flexarm, “gooseneck” called. This allows you to be perfectly aligned at all times. Something to turn you: the book pages are lit up. Turn it a bit: the child on the changing table is not dazzled.

How bright should the clamp light be?

Basically it does not bring a clamp light on the brightness of a six-light ceiling light. The Brightness of a good table lamp but it can already reach (after all, the clip light is not synonymous something else). In most cases, equivalent to the 25- or 40-watt incandescent lamp used in clamp lights. These generated 230-430 lumens. So if you opt for a terminal with fixed LEDs, look in the line “Luminous flux (in lumens)” to a value around 300 lumens, In the case of clip-on luminaires with socket, you should also pay attention to a brightness around this value for a new lamp in the same line.

Which lighting technology is used for terminal lights?

Clamping lights are extremely practical lights – because you press the power consumption sometimes an eye. One thinks. But you do not have to. Because clamp lights with LED save electricity like all other LED lights and offer all the benefits of this contemporary lighting technology, including:

      • long lifetime
      • high light output
      • immediately 100% brightness
      • switching durability
      • compact design

You have dug up one of these old clamp lights from the attic box and also the old lightbulb discovered in it? Best then unscrew and a suitable Led lamp screw in, You save from the first moment and also do something for the environment.

Which “special” clamp lights are there?

At the student time you have probably chosen the cheapest of the cheap clamp lights and was halfway satisfied with it. But as an “adult” clamp-fan, there is (fortunately) more choices, Yes, there is even the world-famous Tolomeo from Artemide in a clip-on version! If you choose: Dare to use it as flexibly as it is intended for this type of lighting. Not that you shy away from it, just because it’s one of the choicest lights in the world!

In addition to such designer clamp lights are Clamping lights with battery Interesting. Without a cable so in which you could get caught and then tear down the clamp light. Namely, no clamp foot would have a chance against such a violence.

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