Why LED desk lamps are the first choice for home and office

When your desk work is burning your eyes and headaches, a desk lamp is usually missing. You know that? Then perhaps you are just about to decide which desk lamp makes your work a bit easier. Our tip: Take it once modern LED desk lamps in the eye.

How much watts does an LED desk lamp have?

That depends entirely on the lamp – and on the Quality of lighting technology. The lighting technology is indeed on all LED, but the light output, so how many lumens come out at how many watts, differs depending on the product. A good LED desk lamp can reach the brightness of a 60 watt bulb at 5-6 watts. Others reach the power of a 40 watt light bulb at 10 watts. But apart from that: Save the LED desk lights do all.

However, it becomes clear that it is much more important to know how bright a desk lamp is. And that is measured in lumens.

How much lumens should an LED desk lamp produce?

Already 200 lumens more at the desk can make all the difference between looking good at documents and over-strained, watery, burning eyes. Even better 400-500 lumens additional brightness.

LED desk lamps that produce 400 or more lumens are often dimmable. The brightness can thus be easily adjusted to your own requirements. This is also important when one working hour in the evening turns into a busy night. If it gets too bright at some point, you can dim the brightness down.

But by the way: Even a desk lamp does not replace the sound sleep!

How bright is the LED desk light then?

Lumens (and not more watts) are the brightness of an LED desk lamp. Anyone who has used older lighting technologies such as the incandescent lamp or is still using them in their living quarters can calculate: Wattage of the incandescent lamp times 10 gives approximately its lumen value. A 400 lumen LED luminaire is the equivalent of the brightness of a 40 watt bulb. That’s enough for brightly lit documents!

Which functions do LED desk lamps still have?

  • Multiple joints for optimal alignment of the light
  • Adjusting the light color for different light perception
  • Touch dimmer for adjusting the brightness by touch
  • USB port for charging Smartphone & Co.
  • Inductive loading surface for charging Qi-compatible mobile phones

Whether a desk lamp has these features, see the product details.

Where should the desk lamp stand?

You have decided on a product, received it, unpacked it – and now wonder where you place the desk lamp best. Very easily: As a right-hander on the left side, as a left-hander on the right side. That prevents you from using your hand for shadow to take care of the documents.

The desk lamp is ideally complemented by a good one General lighting, z. B. by ceiling lights. That is important to strong To prevent brightness contrasts between the desk and the room. If you do not do that, your eyes also tire very quickly. And there the best LED desk lamp would not help.

Are there any LED desk lamps in a modern style?

Modern design, no, you do not want that? You want more classic or creative design see on the desk? Do not worry! “Modern” refers to LED desk lamps only on the quality and the many advantages of lighting technology.

In the design itself you will notice: self design classics like the Tolomeo, who celebrated her 30th birthday in 2017, today with LED fitted. And of course, you can use an LED lamp in any E27 bank light bulb. Then this with a finger snap (or with the screwing of the bulb) modern!

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