Why only the LED uplight belongs in the modern living room

For LED uplights with their energy efficiency and lifespan classic halogen ceiling washers are no longer a competitor. In addition, LED uplights have evolved in directions that would not be achievable with conventional bulbs. These include, for example Smart home variants which per Smartphone or voice control Make features such as color changes or lighting routines possible.

What are the advantages of LED over halogen?

Halogen lamps have long been good sources of light. A high luminous flux with 100% color brilliance was well suited to the living space. But compared to LED halogen lamps hardly play a role. Because high-quality LED light sources …

    • save up compared to halogen 60% energy and thus costs
    • are perfect thanks to a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours maintenance-free
    • reach with less energy more brightness (Lumens)
    • Deliver with a light color of around 3,000 Kelvin especially “warm” light
    • make in the field Smart Home Experience the light individually

Are the LEDs interchangeable with LED ceilingwashers?

As a rule, the LED ceiling washer designates a product with permanently installed LED boards. Due to the long service life you never have to replace the bulbs with these products. Because with a daily operating time of 4 hours they last up to 30 years and more. Since it is more likely that you want to buy a new light in all the time, as that the bulb fails!

How much lumen does a good LED ceiling washer have to produce?

As a good standard: 800 lumens for the ceiling washer and again 400 lumens for the integrated reading light.

An LED ceiling washer consumes about 9 watts for 800 lumens and about 5 watts for the 400 lumens on the reading lamp. For comparison, a light bulb would consume a total of 100 watts for this light output – a great savings advantage.

High-quality LED ceiling washers still partially produce more lumens. The brightness of these lights is mostly adjustable via an integrated dimmer. So you get the right light for every situation – from reading a book to relaxed dozing.

Do LED uplights also have a reading light?

Many of them yes. Because a reading lamp has long been part of Feel-good standard. In this case, the ceiling washer combines the indirect light of the “light bowl” on the head with the direct light of the reading lamp. The indirect light supports the general lighting, because the light thrown to the ceiling is reflected and falls soft and glare-free in the room. The reading light on the other hand provides for appropriate zone light – for more complex visual tasks like newspaper reading or crocheting.

Are LED ceiling washlights dimmable?

On one practical knob on the frame Do not you want to do without to be able to adjust the brightness at any time? Best for ceiling washer and reading light separately? So it is right. And of course, you can expect this comfort even with LED ceiling floodlights.

But: The LED lighting technology works and dims a little differently than classic halogen lamps. therefore Not every product has a dimmer and then it is not dimmable even with external dimmers.

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