Why Thanks to OLED, it could soon be over with point light sources

LED luminaires are currently the most innovative lighting technology. The current state of development: remarkable. But that Potential of this lighting technology is much bigger and lets up exciting developments in the future to hope.

But OLEDs are not just for lighting. On the contrary, they are in the lighting sector comparatively new, They have long been established in other technology areas: with smartphones, tablets and televisions, OLED displays are the screens of the new generation. Displays with OLED technology offer breathtaking contrasts and unprecedented contrasts and an immense color spectrum. You suspect where this is most noticeable? Right: in the home theater!

What are OLEDs and OLED luminaires?

OLEDs are organic light-emitting diodes (from English: organic light emitting diode). They are composed of several organic layers of very small thickness. How thin are these layers really? Well, about a hundred times thinner than a human hair! Even LEDs can not keep up (and certainly not a light bulb).

Flows through the organic layers, illuminates the entire area, This distinguishes them from all other light sources where brightness compares to only a single point. Such extensive, homogeneous light sources such as OLEDs were previously not available in the lighting. In addition, OLED lights are perfect glare, Perfect for the living room lighting!

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