With simple Tricks to make your natural Easter decoration

Easter is after Christmas, the next opportunity to decorate your home festively. However, unlike to the rather more wintry colours in the reduced decoration, is a clever Easter decoration a true color explosion. Easter symbolizes the Fresh, the New, the awakening of nature. Little bunnies, lambs, flowers, and much, much color. Symbolically, the Easter is the beginning of something New. A long as a Christian Festival is Easter, a Celebration that was already known to the Germans. Their name for the dawn, Austro, the term Easter. In this Tradition, Easter is celebrated at a standstill on the day of the first full moon in spring. And so this Festival is still, in many places, the true messenger of warmer temperatures and longer days. With Easter, the spring starts. With these simple Tricks, Easter decorations you get that feeling of a new beginning in the own four walls.

Egg shells and egg cups as vases for spring flowers

This is a simple Trick that requires very little effort, but the larger effect. Who will bring the next mirror – or scrambled eggs with the shell on the upper third of the ice to Break, can make the great part of the Cup is a cute and natural Vase of fresh spring flowers. In order for the eggs not to roll trays from the table, you can fix it with clay or wax (here, the surface of the furniture). Also in colorful egg cups, they look pretty.

Especially colourful spring-flowering about March violets. So daisies and snowdrops cars in February and March to the surface and are perfect for the small egg-shell vases. So great snow Heather, Crocuses and kitchen look the clips in the small, improvised vases. Special classy white flowers of snowdrops and snow-Heath, by the way, in natural egg cups made of wood!

Egg dyeing time is different

Those who want to facilitate the work, can inquire about local farmers, the nearby animal Park or Forester natural colored eggs. Some chicken types set to “pre-dyed” green eggs. In accordingly crossed chickens and even blue eggs. So you can lay eggs in different colors and sizes in a beautiful bowl and a very natural color, has the game as an Easter decoration at home.

More time and leisure, you need, when you blow out about a beautiful, white eggs, with a white silk ribbon bands, and the eggs with pretty sayings decorated. There are special Calligraphy, but also different thickness pins may miss a described Egg a stylish Look. Short sayings or your own desires in old German font or curly fantasy font such as “colored” eggs real decoration-unique.

Branches of shrubs and bushes

All of the vases, and the Rest of the year in the closet gathering dust, may to Easter with colorful blooming it equipped. Here is a great selection of shrubs, which offer in fresh, bold, and cheerful colors. Made for a light, simple Easter decoration! This means that there must not be even a vase are always the high ground, which is provided with a thick bouquet of Branches. Stylish a single branch can act in a table vase.

Particularly suitable such as the pop are the branches of yellow Forsythia. The shrub is now also available with pastel pink flowers. If you like, but like Sunny strong, you can rely on the traditional yellow forsythia, the sprouts, especially in the spring everywhere. Also pretty on the ball look round flowers of yellow blooming Buttercup shrub. And the Judas tree produces bright pink color of polka dots in the apartment. Send flowers in between colored eggs and the Magnolia.

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