Wood pendant lamps:Add some nature

You have set yourself up in the bright Scandi style, but are still looking for an object that underlines the natural character of your rooms? Do you live in rustic country house style and want to illuminate your rooms with a lamp that accentuates the originality of your living style? Or do you live in modern minimalism and still need a piece of furniture that makes the ambience a bit warmer?

Wooden swing lights can be this element. In every furnishing style, Because …

  • they bring a piece nature into the flat
  • the wood grain looks simple beautiful
  • Wood always has one warm radiance and is never cold like Metal
  • the material is versatile and can always be chosen according to the room
  • Finally, a suspension lamp makes sense in almost every interior – You need light anyway!

And you do not need much wood to achieve this effect. On single room element can emphasize the comfort of a room or the spatial picture more in the direction of coziness move. Nothing is better than a wooden hanging lamp. Because this hangs down in the room and is seen,

The different styles of a wooden pendant light

Scandi, Vintage, Minimalism, Rustic Cottage, New Country, Design: Wooden pendant light is not the same wood pendant light, They are made of oak or walnut, birch or maple. You will find fairly straight-lined specimens or those that look like an old tree trunk. Some look like a branch, others look like a cage. Some look like an old door latch, others … like the steering wheel of an old sailing ship!

Wooden pendant lights are as diverse as the materialthey make up, and so on imaginative like the designers who take care of the light.

Which style fits into your personal interior?


Its four walls are reminiscent of the log cabins of the first pioneers of the Wild West? Or do you feel comfortable in a country house interior in which generations could have lived before you? Do the maritime world go above and beyond? Or do you love a vintage, used or shabby-chic atmosphere? Then you will welcome wooden hanging lamps that rustic charm spray.

These can be suspended lights, the one Log as a frame use, held by black metal rings on equally dark chain links. Wow, almost medieval! A very rustic-looking element is also the beamed, Only straightforward he must not be, but must spray something raw, The same goes for the wood of Käfigkeuchten,


Branches, driftwood or logs may look rustic and accentuate a pristine interior. Or they can be prepared for a modern, design-style interior design style. The creative processing of wood differs from designer to designer. Lights from KARE z. B. use wood in original form to underline an exceptional design. Northern lights, on the other hand, show wood in a machined form that only a few masters master.


For modern interiors, wood says goodbye to its pristine, rustic roots and shows wood in a heavily worked form. The Straightforwardness of minimalism meets here on the beautiful texture of the wood grain, Thus, modern wooden hanging lamps combine the best of both worlds.

Dark woods in modern forms act as a colorful accent in white or generally bright living spaces. Light woods, on the other hand, make an already light room even brighter, lighter and simply tidier. For a carefree attitude to life, one could say.

Which illuminant belongs in the wooden suspension lamp?

No matter how rustic the design of a wooden suspension lamp may be, it is best to use it LED lighting technology, This is modern, but also environmentally friendly and purse friendly,

But many wooden pendant lights show open bulbs? Right! In this case, it is best to use filament lamps. These are bulbs that work with LEDs but look like incandescent bulbs. Because of course you are right: An LED with ballast and matt bulb or even an energy-saving lamp with spiral optics really do not fit into the beautiful picture of your new wooden suspension lamp.

How is the wooden pendant light optimally used in the dining room?

Whether rustic or modern: wooden pendant lights must be perceived so that they can unfold their effect. Due to the suspension, they are at eye level – so that’s theirs Increased attention for sure. But while in the living room the place for a pendant lamp has yet to be found (as mostly ceiling lights are used here), another place is perfect for the wooden hanging lamp: the dining room, More precisely: the place above the dining table,

Dine in style in the light of modern wooden hanging lamps. Dine comfortably in the light of a more rustic version. wellbeing You can with any wooden pendant light, if it suits your own taste and decorating style.

Some Tips for your new wooden suspension lamp in the dining room we want to give you on the way:

    • Choose one warm white light, You can find this information for bulbs and luminaires with permanently installed LED light sources in the “Light color” line in the product details.
    • Pay attention to one very good color rendering, This is also a feature of the light source and you will find it as well as the light color in the item details. If the color reproduction falls below Ra 80, food is not reproduced well in color.
    • The optimal suspension height is 60 – 80 cm above the table top, So you see your counterpart and do not bump their heads.
    • The dining area is especially good when it comes to a pendant lamp, the kind of lampshade is a kind light cone throws down. This gently fades out the surroundings and puts the dining area in the spotlight.
    • Complement the lighting in the dining room with a good one Orientation lighting, z. B. by wall lights. These provide a soft, shadow-free illumination of the room and can be switched on in addition to the pendant lamp, in order to avoid strong light-dark contrasts in large dining rooms and thus relieve the eyes.

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