Wooden floor lamps – shining natural feeling

You see They see chic no matter in which style and in which design. They can really be put into operation without any technical knowledge – the socket Thank you. And they truly give every space we wish, beautiful, relaxing light and this very special comfort and coziness. Who is talking about? Well, it’s quite simple: the most comfortable additional light in the world paired with a very special material. The speech is from the Wood floor lamp.

Are there wooden floor lamps with LED?

But of course! Because LED is the presence the lighting technology. And the future, There are still incandescent lamps and halogen lamps – but not for long. And they are good for the environment and the wallet. It looks quite different with LED bulbs. These…

  • to have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – without having to worry about the bulbs in between
  • save 90% electricity opposite incandescent and 60% compared to halogen lamps
  • included unlike energy-saving lamps no toxic ingredients such as. mercury
  • Offer immediately after pressing the light switch 100% light
  • offer due to their compactness countless design possibilities

And best of all, you have the choice! The choice namely between wooden floor lamps with permanently installed LED lighting technology, And which with exchangeable bulbsin which you quite simply modern LED lamps, so-called. retrofits, can screw in. For which model you finally decide, it is of course up to you.

Can you also dimming wooden floor lamps?

Some already. Others are not. Because if a wooden floor lamp is dimmable or not is from Product to product different, It all depends on which of the luminaires you have shortlisted during your shopping trip.

If you are looking for a floor lamp for dimming, you simply have to go to the product details take care that there “Dimmer – Included” or “Dimmer – with touch dimmer” stands. Is the light then still with permanently installed LED lamps you can start dimming right away. On the other hand, if the bulbs in the wood floor lamp can be replaced, you only need to screw in a dimmable LED lamp. And then you can also get dimmed here.

Are there wood floor lamps in the trendy tripod design?

Sure, of course. And how they exist. Because what makes one of the hottest design trends like the tripod look combined with a timelessly beautiful, homely-atmospheric material like wood? Right! A super cool, modern yet absolutely atmospheric and comfortable way to illuminate its four walls. And with one cool tripod wooden floor lamp, Of course there are no limits to the designs and styles. Dear in Scandi style? Industrial? Or rather rustic or whole modern? Everything! You only have to opt for one of the tripod lights. Or just for several.

Are there wooden floor lamps with umbrella?

Wood floor lamps have a real natural and above all cozy and homely Character. But it works even more comfortable and more homely – even with the wooden floor lamps. Namely, if you just these lights made of wood with a umbrella provides. But of course not with any umbrella. No. Best of all with one round screen – and off material, Because through the textile shade the wooden floor lamp gets a touch more coziness and the light becomes super atmospheric, gentle and glare-free delivered into the room. Really great for cuddly hanging on the sofa or the favorite chair.

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