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Accessories for garden furniture

Accessories for garden furniture

Finally, the best time begins the year again – the time spent in the sunshine out in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace.

You probably have already decided for a garden furniture to suit you. Whether in classic teak, aluminum, or the currently very popular poly rattan seat furniture such as chairs and benches or Lounge Seating groups, including the various designs.

It is done but with the purchase of the furniture already? What accessories for the Seating in the Green there, which are really necessary and how can I find solutions that fit my ideas and my Budget? This is explained in more detail Below.

Pads and cushions

Among the accessories, the it is hard, seat pads and upholstery, allow an hours-long reading Outdoors or Garden parties with friends and Relatives more comfortable. When buying seat covers, you should not only pay attention to a washable or wipeable Material, but also on whether the dimensions match those of the seat – to make short or protruding pads is not a good optical impression. Otherwise, the imagination has few limits – pads are now available in all colors, plain or with imaginative Patterns. Rugged Outdoor materials forgive it once in a while, if the pads are forgotten in the rain, or the children distribute the Bolognese on the seat as you eat. You are entirely wiped clean, slightly moist and to treat, in the worst case with a bit of stain remover.


Particularly comfortable and visually Outdoor furniture enhanced by colourful pillows. On benches, chairs or in the hanging caves, hanging chairs and sun Islands. High quality Outdoor cushions that are not only decorative, but also easy to care for, there are about 15 Euro, filling included. Of course, normal decoration do it-pillow only, this should not be wet.

Covers and cases

For the garden furniture Sets that are not protected from Wind and rain under a balcony, a large eaves or under a specially built Pergola, covers, or sleeves. Not only the furniture after a short summer showers through the cover immediately back of the Seats ready, the cover also provides protection against vermin, moss and Lichen, and dirt, e.g. with water spray. Waterproof cases come in transparent or various colors. If you get a model with a zipper better than simple Plan, is a matter of taste.

Outdoor Table Cover

Outdoor table covers are not only the dinner-table, when guests come, they can also have practical advantages: wax the ceiling to remove with a little dish detergent and water easily are crayons of a wax table in the table area of the expensive Teakmöbels it looks very different. Anyone who wants to avoid the edges of coffee cups, color stains, discoloration caused by food residue or dark dyes by, for example, sun cream, opt for an Outdoor tablecloth.

Sitting to rest

Our favourite piece of furniture this season, is Sitting alone. As the Name suggests, you can stow in the comfortable seat, which is pushed when needed to the table-more guests, upholstery, cushions, or covers. So the garden is not cleaned up, the seat will be protected cushions and decorative as well from rain and dirt. Sitting to rest, there are in various materials – so you can find each of seat group the matching furniture. Especially decorative are the models from poly rattan, or interesting Vintage designs that remind you of the chests of treasure.

You see, the purchase of accessories to the garden furniture can not only provide more comfortable Seats, but the Outdoor living room from Wind and weather, sun cream and color protect or just to look good.