Bathroom and mirror lights That Catch An

Bathroom and mirror lights That Catch An Eye

More than just functional: the bathroom lighting

Our grandparents and great-grandparents can certainly remember the outhouse in the garden. And an extra laundry room? Has not always been standard. The bathroom has long been the real living space and veritable in many households wellness temple developed. It says: stage free for atmospheric lighting concepts,

Which lights do you need for the bathroom?

A ceiling light – for the so-called general lighting – makes sense in any case. For just a quick showers that is enough. In order to avoid cutting and shaving the eyelashes while shaving, more specific light is required: a mirror light is perfect here. And if we feel like a relaxing bath? Is bright lighting out of place. For those moments of rest are pleasantly warm bright accents Perfect. Or dimmed light sources,

Short and sweet:

    • Sort, shower or donate laundry? Ceiling, wall or recessed lights are perfect.
    • Pluck eyebrows or trim the beard? The mirror light is on the line.
    • Enjoy the private wellness temple? Gentle lighting must be now – good to reach with dimmers.

How is the mirror light installed correctly?

The makeup, which looked great in the bathroom, is much too strong in daylight? The perfect shave turns out to be unclean in daylight? Then your mirror lighting is still not optimal.

Important to note:

      • The mirror should be illuminated evenly.
      • You should not be dazzled by anything except your own reflection.
      • A lamp centrally above the mirror works well, two lights on the sides as well.
      • Satin-finished glass or opal glass is a good material for the luminaires.
      • Alternatively, a bathroom lamp with aperture is possible, which directs the light on the mirror.
      • Additional, swiveling mirror lights offer even more flexibility.

Mirror luminaires can be mounted and operated in different ways: Some models can be easily attached to the mirror pinch or stuckothers are very easy per suction cup others are mounted on the wall screwed, Depending on the model, mirror lights can be over a wall switch on and off or over one Switch on the light, Also per remote Control you can control some mirror lights. And since you can never have enough power outlets, there are also Mirror lights with integrated socket, Practical, just to connect the hair dryer.

How wide should the light be above the mirror?

When it comes to indirect lighting (light is emitted down or up and down), it is almost as wide as the mirror. But not wider. This is how you illuminate the mirror evenly. Luminaires that emit light into the room can be smaller. Of course, the desired design and personal lighting preferences also play a major role in the selection.

Warm white or factual – which light color is suitable for the bathroom?

That depends: Would you like to relax in a bubble bath or make-up for work in the morning? For the latter one is universal white, objective light from 3,300 Kelvin to 5,300 Kelvin. For brushing your teeth before going to bed, however, is a warm white light of less than 3,300 Kelvin, which does not unnecessarily wake up.

How many lumens or watts must the bathroom lighting have?

Important to know: Watt describes the power consumption the lamp, lumen the Luminous flux, Last is crucial to the brightness to compare from bulbs. How bright your bathroom lighting should be is ultimately a matter of taste.

Are there lights with color changes for the bathroom?

Multi Color function. PHILIPS Hue products even offer a choice of 16 million colors. So you can change your bath every time in another color setting enjoy. A jam on the bathroom door is unfortunately guaranteed. Surely the other family members will also enjoy the colorful lighting in the bathroom.

To install? Should only the expert!

The bathroom is Not the right place to be as a hobby handyman to try. The words wet cell and wet room say it already: Here is splattered, sprayed and fogged. For the installation of lights therefore special rules that an electrician knows best and can apply.

Which protection class applies to which protection area?

As it gets damp in the bathroom regularly, special here apply safety for lights. These are under DIN VDE 0100 Part 701 explained and should be implemented by a qualified electrician. Still interesting to know: According to the regulation, a bathroom will be in protection areas divided, in which lights with different of protection must be used.

The degree of protection depends, for example, on the distance from the shower to the luminaire. Directly above the shower and bath, you are on the safe side with IP65 protection. With increasing distance to the direct wet areas, luminaires with a lower degree of protection can be installed. In some areas, luminaires without special protection are also suitable. The executive electrician knows this very well.