Stairs – the unknown decorative Element – decorate stairs ideas

We know wall tattoos, the decorate in the Form of vinyl, the rooms stickers with mottos and motifs. We know tile Adhesive, the worn-out tile mirror in the kitchen and bathroom a new Look miss. And the classic we know, of course, pictures, paintings, and photos that add value to our walls in the living room, bedrooms and hallway. In addition, plants are a very popular way of decorating your home, not only say the ( -) literally live in the place, but also cost-effective and contributes to a better indoor climate. Carpets, bowls and candles for more decorative items, which can be used to his surroundings homely.

While we walls, Sideboards and side tables to modify and decorate, we lose a piece of furniture completely out of sight. Maybe also because it is a fairly new Trend that has not yet arrived in every household. He is so obvious! Exactly, beautify levels, but just look at the stairs. And no, that’s not the level surfaces are meant to be, you know, with Anti-slip papers to prevent accidents. Meant, however, are stages of the betting. The part of the stairs so, on the accessible level surfaces are mounted. The area, climbing stairs is always in view.

So you can decorate his steps

With a bit of paint, the stairs not only gets more Pep, she is also climbing the stairs to pleasure. To make the levels appealing, you can access different tools. The most obvious color and brush. Thus, the setting of the on-floor levels of stress staircase in vibrant colors. Each level gets a different colored coat of paint, you can rejoice when climbing stairs in the future, to rain floors and shades of color. If you have a little more patience and fine motor skills, can also make each individual riser in different colors. For example, with vertical or horizontal stripe patterns.

It’s even easier with vinyl stickers, as we know from wall decals already. Or commercially available decorative sheet, which can be exactly to the height and width of the riser trim. By entering this part of the stair, not the film or dissolved even after a while. Instead, it has created with a few resources, a great decorative eye-catcher, which contributes to the feeling of well-being in the own four walls. Now there are even matching Motif sheets, a similar photo Wallpapers. This spread of gorgeous photos, graphics, or abstract Designs over the entire length or height of the stairs.

What is the best way to decorate stairs?

Those who prefer individually, will not get the handle to the brush and paint around. Although the design of the staircase requires levels of self-directed additional effort and, if necessary, dirt may be the setting steps must be sanded before painting, for the decoration. but also 100% customized and authentic Anyone who feels called can also work with perspectives and different Patterns, such as geometric shapes.

Faster and less expensive the decoration of the staircase with adhesive film. Sayings or life motto can be easily applied with just a few on the pre-cleaned risers. Here saves you cut yourself the cut or the Sticker. Examples of these stairs Vinyl labels would be:

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