Brass and gold ceiling lights

Brass and gold ceiling lights

Gold and brass ceiling lights for a pleasant ambience

If you have furnished your apartment with antique and valuable furniture and home accessories, they should also be skilfully staged with the help of lighting. This is not only the right light in the right place responsible, but also the way in which this light is “packed”. With a gold ceiling light or a brass ceiling light you can crown the appealing flair in your apartment in a stylish way. Brass / gold ceiling lights are a guarantee for an upscale ambience.

Shining points of light with brass / gold ceiling lights

Both gold and brass have been known for millennia as materials for various items such as coins, jewelry, wall brackets or candlesticks. So it is not surprising that nowadays ceiling lights are made of brass and gold. The glossy surface of the gold and brass ceiling lights is particularly well accentuated by the appearance of the light source. Brass ceiling lights are available in glossy or patinated finishes. Also, the color of the brass ceiling light varies depending on the zinc content of the alloy. If less zinc is present, the brass is more brownish, more zinc means a more yellowish color of the alloy.

History of gold and brass ceiling lights

Gold is a chemical element and is one of the precious metals. For thousands of years it has been used to make ritual objects, coins and jewelery. Also, as a material for the production of gold ceiling lights, the noble metal is particularly well suited due to its glossy surface. The fact that it is often impossible to differentiate gold and brass ceiling lights from a distance purely in terms of color is due to the fact that the copper-zinc alloy and the precious metal are very similar in color. For brass, there are already evidence from the 3rd Millennium BC. Many brass / gold ceiling lights are visually among the antique or classic lights, so they fit particularly well with an antique furniture.