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Ceiling lights outside  Ideas You’ll

Ceiling lights outside  Ideas You’ll Love

Ceiling lamps for outdoor use: practical, functional and absolutely stylish

It’s just nice when the area around the house does not completely disappear into the dark in the evening. After all, neither you nor your visit would like to grope in the dark and still end up tie up the foot, right? And potential burglar It should not be so easy in the shelter of the night. Therefore, it is recommended to the outdoor area functional and atmospheric to illuminate. With outdoor ceiling lights for example. Best with motion detector, Then you always have light when you come around the corner.

Where are ceiling lights in the outdoor area a sensible kind of lighting?

Outside, ceiling lights are used wherever they can be mounted. Well there, where there is a blanket, logically. In question come there for example:

  • the carport
  • the terrace
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Wind catches in front of house entrances

Tip: To avoid having to feel for a light switch for a long time, it is advisable to use a motion detector. The practical additional benefit: burglars do not like sudden, bright light at all.

What is the difference between a ceiling light for the outside and an interior?

Actually you might think you can hang a ceiling light wherever you want. Unfortunately that is only partially true. Because for the outdoors have ceiling lights additional properties fulfill. Only with them the operation in the outdoor area is made possible: So they are for example Especially protected from rain and dust,

Tip: The following table gives you an overview of which IP protection what guarantees:

Are there exterior ceiling lights with motion detectors?

If you come around the corner, should it be light? That is a legitimate claim. And especially for the outdoor area makes perfect sense. For outdoor ceiling lamps with integrated motion detector Just choose the appropriate one in the shop filter and put a hook. In the result list you will see all outdoor models with motion detectors.

Tip: Another possibility is, to retrofit a motion detector, You can see what there is in the sub category motion detectors. If you have any questions about the installation, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist consultants. Just call us at the contact details below.

And also note: To prevent your motion detector from starting the light by day, it comes standard with one twilight sensor coupled. It helps the light to jump, from when it should provide light.

What types of motion detectors are there?

The topic of motion detectors you find really interesting? Then you would also like to know which technology is behind it. And that’s not always the same. Often come Infrared Motion Detector (IR) and High Frequency Motion Detector (HF) for use. IR sensors are often used outdoors, but they are somewhat sluggish. HF sensors detect almost any movement and are ideally suited for indoor use. In the outdoor area, RF sensors are rather unsuitable. However, there are already a few intelligent HF motion detector that also work outdoors.

Tips for setting your motion detector: Simple motion detectors are already configured and do not need to be discontinued. Of course, there are also lights with motion detectors – and external motion detectors – where individual settings can be made. Possible settings are:

    • the Time: how long is the light on?
    • the sensitivity of the Twilight sensor: at which brightness should the light turn on automatically?
    • the reach of the coverage area

Should I put LED on outdoor lights?

The advantages of LED simply convince all along the line. You really do not need to differentiate between outdoor and indoor areas. Outside there are factors that make LEDs almost indispensable: LEDs are becoming directly at power on to 100 percent bright, If you think of a motion detector, that’s a great feature. Because if you come in the dark around the corner, you would like to benefit directly from the full brightness.

Further Advantages of modern LED technology at a glance:

      • she allows compact designs
      • she is special luminous intensity
      • she has a long lifetime – up to 50,000 hours
      • it is very energy efficient protects the environment and your wallet
      • she comes without mercury out

In which colors are exterior ceiling lights available?

For your outdoor ceiling lamp you have a very special color? For example anthracite? Well, just have a look and see what our shop has in store for you in your favorite color. Just the Filter “color” select and tick what it may be. Incidentally, anthracite-colored lights are really popular.

In what materials are ceiling lights for outside?

stainless steel is a very popular material for outdoor lighting – especially when it comes to robustness and a great look goes. What else for Materials to choose from The easiest way to find out is through the Filter in the shop, Simply select and tick the desired material.