Children’s room hanging lamps

Fancifully functional: children’s room hanging lamp

A pendant lamp generally provides the necessary basic lighting of a room. This order should also meet a nursery pendant light. A nursery pendant should provide the child with enough brightness to play on the ground. For children, unlike adults, also spend the day on various activities in their room – and not just to sleep. Therefore, a nursery pendant light is only part of the nursery lighting. In order for the child to have sufficient light when making crafts, doing homework or reading in bed, the children’s room pendant should be supplemented with a desk lamp and a bedside lamp. As a supplement to a children’s room pendant lamp also come wall lights or floor lamps with child-friendly design in question.

The variety of nursery hanging lamps

In addition to their functional tasks, a nursery pendant should of course also look pretty. Even smaller children already have a relatively accurate idea of ??their children’s room hanging lamp. Many manufacturers orient themselves in the choice of motif of their children’s room suspension lamps to the current media idols of the children. The trend is, for example, children’s room hanging lamps with images from cartoons such as “Cars”, “Capt’n Sharky” or “Spider Man”. Girls’ nursery lights often decorate princesses or Hello Kitty, while pirates, cars or clowns can often be seen on a boy’s nursery light. But also gender-neutral motifs such as the sun, clouds or animals can be found on the nursery-hanging lamps of today’s children. Of course, comic classics like the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are still popular motifs of nursery hanging lamps.

Safety aspects in the choice of the nursery pendant light

Although a children’s room hanging lamp hangs out of reach of smaller children, should be taken into account when purchasing a nursery lighting principle, some safety measures. A nursery pendant should be free of toxins like the rest of the nursery lighting and the lights should not get too hot. As illuminants can therefore serve beispielswese LEDs, which develop only a low heat. This way the child can not burn himself, should it ever touch the lampshade of a lamp.

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