Cool Tiki Torches Designs That Actually Ignite Fresh Ideas

The wall torch:

A journey through time from the medieval castle to a modern home

With a wall torch, one likes to think of the calming flickering of a real flame, which creates light and warmth inside a romantic castle – a beautiful picture that never happened before. Although pitch torches were indeed a source of light and heat in the Middle Ages. But the place where they were housed (cold, almost unheated castles) was not really romantic. Not to mention the soot and smoke!

If really something romantic is, that’s it Wall torch of today, Beautifully designed, fantastically radiant without soot and smoke and stylishly placed in your cozy home. Sounds modern? It is. But also, how you combine real rustic flair with modern lighting and living quality, we explain in this guide.

Are all wall torches antique?

The wall torch has medieval roots, but is from a (more or less) functional source of light and heat to one modern residential object become. But that does not mean that every torch wall light is really modern designed.

rustic Models come with many ironComponents in rustOptics therefore, sometimes with Wood, The shapes are coarser overall, with embellishments or ornaments are not excluded, especially in Medieval style, An intermediate stage are torch-shaped sconces, which are more traditional in color, ie dark brown or black, but already very modern in design. A stylish interior design z. B. also for the Country-style, And then there are the whole modern Representatives. Her form is one abstract wall torch, The material, however, is chrome-colored metal or clear glass elements (in addition to the lampshade) whose utility is to look beautiful and shape the light.

Which style do you prefer?

Are there torch-style sconces with switches?

Most stylish would be to walk around even with a torch or candle to light your torches. At least if you want to bring a little medieval flair to your home. But honestly, today you do not do that anymore. secure and also a lot more comfortable (And not to forget: more up-to-date) the switch-on works with switch directly at the torch wall light.

Of course, most wall torches can be switched on and off via the usual light switch. But a separate switch somehow has something … separate. One detached from other light sources Lichtinsel with sometimes rustic, sometimes very modern charm.

Are there torch wall lights also with LED?

For those who prefer medieval flair in their rustic walls, a wall torch with LED may be the most unrusting thing one can have at first sight. But please treat yourself to a second look. Because on the one hand you can screw in a stylish LED candle lamp in each torch wall lamp with socket. The saves not only electricity, rather donates also cozy light (pay attention to the light color warm white here). And as a smart home lamp, the LED can even be such effects like flickering. Well, pretty close to a real rustic wall torch off, right?

on the other hand there are torch lights with built-in LED lighting technology, These are then the variants in which you search in vain for the candle or bulb-shaped bulbs. And wonder where the light comes from in the thin, chrome-colored luminaire body. You notice: These “wall torches” are from the design mostly crazy modern, They do not necessarily fit in the rustic medieval style, but in any case in modern four walls.

Which wall torch looks like a real torch?

Only a real wall torch made of wood, held by iron rings and with real flame is really true to style? Fortunately, that’s not true! Also, each smoke detector would jump in the triangle with this traditional wall torch, lispiepen and send in the case of a smart smoke detector your phone all sorts of push messages.

But while we are at Smart Home: A smart home bulb with flickering effects, which can make you glow reddish like a real candle, already has something of a real candle, If you want one more then antique model choose, with a rustic, iron body (possibly in rust-optics) and perhaps actually a little processed wood, crowned by a beige glass lampshade, which covers the bulb, then the torch wall light a “real” wall torch very, very close, Only in modern and contemporary. And yes, even your smoke detector does not freak out.

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