Modern design chair – Seating with a twist

The modern interior needs a lot of details. The right lighting ensures a pleasant ambience. Design furniture and matching home accessories are guarantors of a visually sophisticated interior design. Also in terms of comfort convince design furniture. Chairs from brands  combine form and function in a skilful manner. The modern design chair is the seat with that certain something. We’ll explain this “something” a bit more closely.

An important part of the design in a home is provided by seating that provides a suitable space for working, entertaining, dining and celebrating. The different types of seating are today as varied as the tastes of the respective occupants of a house: cool bar stools can be used not only at the house bar, but also on a space-saving breakfast bar in the kitchen. Sofa landscapes offer luxurious seating and reclining comfort while relaxing in front of the TV, and a prestigious dining room only gets its elegant touch thanks to the matching combination of dining table and dining chairs. A beanbag, or a space-saving stool, are not only very comfortable as additional seating for visiting friends and relatives, but can also be conveniently stowed away the rest of the time.

The small but subtle difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary

What sets design furniture apart from more ordinary pieces of furniture? It would be too easy for standard furniture to be purely limited to their respective functional aspect. Conversely, it would be just as wrong to claim that a design chair would be designed purely on the basis of visual criteria and not functionally well thought out. Rather, the difference between different pieces of furniture can be experienced in the fact that modern design furniture  focuses on a cleverly thought-out reduction to the essentials without neglecting one of the two areas of functionality and appearance. A design chair, for example, combines the all-round pleasant sitting experience with an exciting look, the tension of which is usually just in a particularly discreet and sober design language. However, design chairs are often not simple and certainly not boring. Innovative furniture designers like to rely on a wide range of seating arrangements to leave well-trodden paths of furniture design. The chance for the future design classic usually has those furniture that follow no short-lived fashion trends, but move freely from the restrictions on the search for new horizons.

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