Country style chandelier Ideas To Try

Country-style chandelier – a charming eye-catcher for the city loft as well

At Landhaus think of one farm? We can think of a lot more. Namely the city. More precisely the city ??apartment, Because even here can the modern Country-Style move in and provide a great atmosphere. But in the countryside, of course, he is still just right and enchanted many a home in a comfortably furnished feel-good home,

What size should a country-style chandelier have?

It is important that you like how it enchants the room. That’s certainly the case when he does not too big and bulky, but not too small and inconspicuous is. After all, a chandelier should finally make a statement. Tip: If the chandelier hangs freely in the room in the country house style, then its diameter does not matter at all. The important thing is the Number of bulbs or the total luminous flux, which is measured in lumens. Depending on the required luminous flux of:

  • the room size
  • the colors in the room (light walls reflect the light better)
  • the desired brightness

If you like your rustic chandelier over the table he wants to hang not too heavy be for the table. In any case, the chandelier should be one smaller diameter than the table otherwise it could be overwhelming. For round tables this is a clear case. For angular variants, simply orient yourself on the shortest side.

How to hang up?

One thing is crystal clear: if the rustic chandelier free in the room hangs, it should be mounted so high that no one can bump his head. If he over a table is attached, you can let it protrude even further into the room. But the visual contact to the opposite at the table should not affect. It is best to drive at a distance of about 60-70 cm between the bottom edge of the lamp and the table surface.

What characterizes the country house style of chandeliers?

Country-style chandeliers are one thing above all else: really beautiful rustic, Here we come first of all Wood, brass and metal to the mind. This is certainly similar. Is also more than suitable for the modern country style. How you can choose your favorite materials in the shop is very simple: you choose the Filter “Material” and hook on what you like. And you already have the result list ready.

Tip: Chandeliers in a rustic country house look, they can also be combined well with these trendy styles:

  • Shabby Chic
  • Vintage style
  • Hygge-Style

In which colors are country-style chandeliers available?

That there are chandeliers in country style not in the shrillest colors Of course, the style dictates that. Of course, you still have a choice: simple via the filter “color” Check what the shop has to offer and be inspired. For example from white models or even lusting in Chrome, bronze and copper,

Are there any country-style chandeliers with umbrellas?

They find that crazy and funnyto equip a chandelier with many small lampshades? We also find that. And the country house style fits perfectly. To find your dream model, let yourself be delighted by the pictures in the category “Country Chandelier / Rustic”. Once you have jumped on the umbrella, you can also switch to the “chandelier with umbrella” category. All the country house is there but not anymore. So decide according to taste.

Are there any retrofit bulbs suitable for the Landhaus optics?

What would be modern chandeliers in country house style without suitable bulbs with the latest LED technology? Although still beautiful, but not half as energy-saving and environmentally friendly compared to the incandescent lamp. But you can still take full advantage of the rustic look, for example LED gust Candle Bulbs, These have the same standardized sockets as conventional bulbs and thus fit in well Standard frames like E14,

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