Crystal chandelier: charming sparkle guarantee included!

A crystal chandelier is much more than just a source of light. He immerses every room in a very special lighting mood. Why it is like that? Because the crystals make that happen Light a thousand times broken becomes. This results in sparkling reflections, Even the natural daylight alone creates great effects, so that a room is charmed by a crystal chandelier when it is not turned on.

What styles are available with crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers are pompous and extravagant and give each room a special flair. Therefore, crystal chandeliers in our shop are also combined into a separate category. There are of course also following styles

    • Modern chandeliers for individual room accents
    • Rustic chandelier in country style
    • Classic chandelier with antique look
    • Florentine chandelier with flowers and other elements from nature
    • Design chandelier as an expression of uniqueness and extravagance

How do you clean crystal chandeliers?

Depending on the time and leisure you can opt for one dry basic cleaning or one moist premium cleaning decide. Proposal number one should be carried out on a regular basis so that dust and dirt do not even smell a chance to stubbornly stick to it. The good old one feather duster does it perfect.

On the other hand, the wet premium cleaning is a bit more elaborate. Do not worry, it will last once a year. What you need is one Chandelier cleaning spray, This is sprayed after a short, previous dusting on the chandelier, so that dust and dirt can soon drip down happy. Of course, it is necessary to make sure that the fuse has been removed beforehand – and that until everything is completely dry again. Do not forget: a suitable base, so that your floor does not suffer. Newsprint and old towels can be there for you.

Is there crystal chandelier also with screen?

You do not want to choose one? Do we understand and especially the Combination of fabric umbrellas and crystal pendants is also an absolute highlight. Because the umbrellas let the light soft and atmospheric emerge and bring the crystal drops gracefully sparkle. Just browse through the category Chandeliers with umbrella and see what models with crystal pendants to choose from.

Are there also chandeliers with bohemian crystal?

When asked about Bohemian crystal we say: Schonbek. Because the lighting manufacturer was founded in 1870 in the former Kingdom of Bohemia. Today, as part of the Swarovski Group, the company is the world market leader for premium crystal chandeliers. Be inspired by the crystal chandeliers that Schonbek has in its portfolio. Simply set the appropriate filter under “Manufacturer”.

How big should a crystal chandelier be?

You are not sure how opulent your chandelier may be and how many individual lamps make the most sense? First, it is simply a matter of taste, whether you choose a five-flamed or about eight-flamed model in lush or reduced size. Important for a proper lighting of the room is the Number of bulbs or the Total luminous flux. This is measured in lumens. Room size, wall color and individually desired brightness are to be considered. A clear case for our expert advice.

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