Crystal pendant lights  Ideas You’ll Love

Crystal pendant lights – sparkling lighting of extra class

Grace and style describe the character of a crystal pendant light probably the best. Usually used as a light source above the dining table, the noble glass crystals of the pendant lamps set glittering light accents.

What is a pendant lamp?

As pendant lights are commonly referred to living room lights, which are suspended in contrast to ceiling lights from the ceiling. Pendant luminaires, because they are often variable in height, can be adapted to the room conditions. Due to their light cone and range, pendant luminaires are not necessarily suitable for complete room lighting, but instead create a particularly homely light that lives from the contrast between direct and indirect light.

Crystal pendant light – the noble variant of the pendant lights

The crystal pendant luminaires owe their particularly high luminosity and expressiveness to the many small and large cut glass stones. The word crystal comes from the Greek (krystallos) and means ice. In ancient Greece, quartz crystals were thought to be found in mining, believed to be ice. The sparkling stones of the crystal pendant lights consist of polished and polished glass, which due to its high refractive index reflects the light falling on it thousands of times in all directions.

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