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Salt lamp on, hectic and stress out!

Salt lamp on, hectic and stress out!

Only once is every salt crystal lamp exactly in the shape with exactly this grain and in this color. Why this is so is easily explained. It’s about a natural product, the end Salt mines of Central Asia is won. And not only that makes the orange – sometimes in the white or reddish – crystal rocks so special. Provided with bulbs they donate soothing light that calms and creates a positive mood,

What should you look for when buying salt lamps?

Of course she should like it. If you want to buy a salt lamp, you have the choice between big, small, round, polished or angular Models. From pure chunks to hearts, mushrooms and footballs, almost every shape is available. The color of the salt crystal can from a white to a dark orange tone go. Again, it’s about what pleases. The more the color goes into the orange, the warmer will of course be the color later. Otherwise, there is actually nothing to note in advance – except, of course, that one Socket for the power connection should be near.

How do salt lamps work?

That salt crystal lamps contribute to the general well-being can be explained as follows: The soft light, which is created by their natural color shades, looks very warm and cozy, which is generally associated with a sense of security and security. As in color therapy, crystals in different colors – from white to pink, orange and red – can give the room a special atmosphere that can help to relax and feel good.

Salt lamps are also special energetic properties said – ionizing they should work. They are intended to bring the indoor air, which is positively charged by the use of technical equipment, back into harmony. By acting for negatively charged ions are responsible. This effect should arise in conjunction with the heat development of the bulb. In this special case, LED is not the number one for once.

Also a healing effect is said to be the salt lamp. Sleep problems, allergies and headaches are said to be alleviated by them. But that is expressly not scientifically proven.

How long do salt lamps last?

Salt in itself virtually unlimited shelf life, After all, it was already millions of years in the mountain. In a block or a ball is simply drilled a hole and a socket used – here are usually small light bulbs for use. Of course they break once, but then they can simply replaced become.

How do you clean salt lamps?

Dust with one dry microfiber cloth is enough. Under no circumstances should you clean the salt crystal lamp with water or even in the dishwasher. Because this decomposes the salt and dissolves. For this reason, it is also highly recommended, the salt lamp only in dry rooms to use. Kitchen and bathroom are therefore taboo for the orange light.

How big should a salt lamp be?

Regarding the size, there are no requirements. You should choose what you like best. From a purely decorative point of view, larger models are of course better suited for larger rooms, for a small room a not too bulky model is sufficient.

Can salt lamps also be used in the bedroom?

The well-being is enhanced by salt lamps not only in the bedroom. All living spaces are more comfortable through the beautiful orange light and in the office the creativity and well-being can be positively influenced by the beautiful appearance. So long no moisture in the room is to be expected, a salt crystal lamp for each room is a gain.