Design chandelier: expression of uniqueness & extravagance

Design  chandeliers often have to meet higher standards. Some design / style chandeliers are extravagant pieces. Not infrequently, such a design  chandelier is created according to the individual wishes of a client and has a corresponding price. An expression of uniqueness and extravagance are in particular design chandeliers with crystal hangings. These crystals create a design / style chandelier wonderful light reflections.

Design chandelier – elegant, pompous, puristic

Design chandeliers also turn into optical highlights in a rather puristic environment. Here pompous design chandeliers make real highlights. Conversely, there are also extremely purist design chandeliers, which can hardly be identified as a design  chandelier. But in this context, purism does not mean that the design  chandelier does not require curved forms or hangings. Especially the modern lighting technologies such as the LED (light-emitting diode) give today’s designers a great deal of creative freedom when designing their design  chandeliers. Due to their compactness, the light-emitting diodes also allow unusual ways of creating the design chandeliers. In addition, the LED is considered a relatively energy-efficient light source and the owners of the respective design chandeliers thus keep their energy costs in mind.

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