Designer floor lamps offer more than just light

They take a lot of space – after all, they are on the floor and are often man-high or higher. We are talking about design floor lamps. An indispensable part of a modern, design-conscious lighting concept, this kind of luminous interior design is almost indispensable in our living rooms. Nobody has to renounce them, because they do not compete with the ceiling light. The reason is quite simple: the ceiling light provides the basic lighting, the floor lamp provides as Space lighting for pleasant light in a specific area of ??the room – for example, placed next to the beloved reading chair.

Where do I best place designer tea lamps?

Probably the most popular place for a designer lamp is that living room, In the cozy center of the apartment, such a piece of jewelery makes itself very well as area illumination – for example, beside the sofa landscape. But also in other living rooms like Dining and bedroom or in the hallway Of course you can always find a suitable place for a designer floor lamp – and thus significantly enhance the space.

In which colors are design floor lamps available?

Many people think about design first black or white – quite simply. And they are not wrong. Because many designer lights are kept in these subtle non-colors. But the designers also like to bring color into play with floor lamps. And so there are no limits to the imagination and interior design preferences. Because even very colorful designer floor lamps with many colors or models with quite characteristic, strong shades are available in this category.

What materials are used to make designer floor lamps?

The same applies to the material: everything is possible. Whether classic materials like Wood, metal, glass and plastic or something very unusual like Linen, bamboo or rattan, After all, every designer has his preferences and, of course, every customer. And not unimportant is the previous decor of the entire apartment. After all, the new luminaire should fit well with the furniture and the other luminaires.

Do designer floor lamps with LEDs work?

The present is called LED and the future is called LED. That is why designers are increasingly turning to LEDs. Even if some designers like Ingo Maurer always carry a very special admiration for the good old light bulb in their brilliant works of art, LED is an indispensable part of the design. Completely new possibilities open up in the creative sense alone because thanks to LED much more filigree solutions be possible with ordinary light bulbs. Modere LED technology – just installed firmly – the guarantee for more and more flexibility in terms of shape and size.

Are there any dimmable designer floor lamps?

Of course there are – and at will with normal dimmer or touch dimmer, All you have to do is choose the filter “Dimmer included” or “With touch dimmer”. And you already have an overview of which designer floor lamps come with the desired feature in question.

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