Space-saving lighting accents with wall lights

Recessed luminaires of all kinds – whether installed in the wall, the ceiling or the floor – are true space savers that provide effective light and fit perfectly into a modern living environment. As recessed wall luminaires close almost flush with the wall into which they are embedded, they combine puristic look with perfect functionality. It should be noted, however, that while the recessed wall luminaire requires almost no space outside the wall, it must be recessed into the wall. For low-voltage recessed wall luminaires, care must be taken during installation to leave room for a transformer. Particularly popular are recessed wall luminaires with LED. Here you have the visual advantage that you can also set colorful accents with recessed luminaires thanks to the modern LED technology.

The right recessed wall light for every purpose

When used outdoors, the recessed luminaire is also a popular type of luminaire indoors. Especially the recessed wall luminaire, in which the luminaire body disappears almost completely in the wall, offers itself on the one hand for the space-saving illumination of narrow rooms or angles of the room. On the other hand, the recessed wall light is also ideally suited to give your house a modern, exclusive ambience. As the luminaire body of a recessed luminaire optically recedes into the background and practically disappears into the wall, the light itself becomes more prominent and can thus unfold its full effect. Just by playing with different light colors, as the new LED technology allows, you can set magical light accents that steer the gaze of the beholder skilfully.

Recessed wall lights are often used as orientation light in narrow corridors or stairs. Without further narrowing the already tight passage, it creates a uniform lighting of each stage and at the same time a dreamlike atmosphere.

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