Designer Table Lamps  Ideas That Will Inspire You

Designer table lamps: for understatements as well as for spectacular statements

Lighting is a matter of style. And style means putting statements in your living space. Depending on the taste, very reserved or slightly thicker. Pompous, extravagant and spectacular could also be said. You have many options for implementation. One of them is Designer table lamp, They are not just one on side tables and chests of drawers lookerbut also deliver one high quality area lighting, And on the desk you are above all else stylish and functional,

How much lumen does a designer table lamp need?

Of course that is a matter of taste, In general, one can say that 300-400 lumens suffice with a table lamp. In terms of brightness, this is sufficient for area lighting in any case. After all, she does not have to let the entire room shine brightly. On the contrary, the table lamp cozy light accents which are sufficient, for example, to browse in a book. With 300-400 lumens you are there very well.

Where is a designer table lamp best placed?

If you are already getting a designer table lamp, then you should give her

also give a place of honor in the house. Great is a bright design piece:

  • on the Side tables
  • on the commode
  • on the windowsill
  • on the nightstand
  • and of course on the writing desk

Tip for the desk lamp: at right-handers she should be on the left side standing, with left-handers exactly the other way around. Then the hand throws no disturbing shadow. In addition to the desk lamp, it is recommended that you work longer hours, also turn on the ceiling light. The strong contrast between the bright desk and the dark rest is reduced. So the eyes stay fresh and lively.

What additional features are there with designer table lamps?

A designer table lamp captivates of course nice look, And also through her Quality and functionality, But that does not have to be everything. From many additional features can you profit today – thanks to the technology. What is most important to you, you should necessarily before your purchase on your checklist put, for example:

  • Smart home capability
  • Controlled by remote control
  • Variable in light color
  • With multicolour function
  • Dimmable e.g. via touch dimmer
  • With Qi technology or USB connection

Are there table lamps also in the Bauhaus design?

We can answer this question with a very clear yes. The Wagenfeld table lamp is the epitome of the Bauhaus design. The famous lamp was made in 1923/1924 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld designed. Your functionality and the reduced, timeless shape excel. Not the right one for you? Then take a look at them 1927 table lamp with brass joints of Tecnolumen.

What are real table lamp design classics?

You want the most a famous design piece that has proven over the years how timeless and still up-to-date it is? Then let us gladly bring you good ideas from our expert advice.

  • table lamp Eclisse from the year 1967 (Artemide)
  • table lamp Taccio from the year 1958 (FLOS)
  • table lamp Birdy from 1952 (Northern)
  • table lamp Coupe from the year 1967 (Oluce)
  • Wagenfeld table lamp from 1923 (Tecnolumen)

Is LED the best technology for designer table lamps?

There is no discussion – the Arguments clearly speak for LED, For sure you want too save up, the protect the environment and long at almost maintenance-free technology please? Why designer table lamps should be equipped with modern LED technology illustrates the following Overview:

  • You save 90% energy compared to incandescent lamps
  • You save 60% energy compared to halogen lamps
  • LEDs have one 50 times longer life as the light bulb (from up to 50,000 hours)
  • LEDs are 100% bright, beautiful directly when switching on
  • LEDs are environmentally friendlyas she is no mercury contain
  • LEDs are very durable, it exists no filament that can blow
  • Permanently installed LED technology is save space and allows compact designs

Which materials are trendy for designer table lamps?

There are materials that are so timeless that they are almost always in vogue. For example Glass, stainless steel and wood, You are spoiled for choice, because trends always reinvent the designers, no matter what materials. With the Filter “Material” you can see at a glance what’s on offer. Just check where your taste takes you and click “apply”. And you already have designer table lamps from your preferred material in the result overview. – You do not have to wait long for feedback.

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